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Workplace, Managing Customer Experience

managing customer experiences

Summary: Managing Customer Experience in your workplace is assisted by your perspective of two types of issues customers bring to you – problem & appreciationMaking Customer Experience Decisions Requires You Become Adept at Adopting New Ways to Deal with Managing Customer Experience IssuesIt’s likely, at some point time along your entrepreneurial customer experience-management journey, you’ve heard […]

Change Challenge Transition

change challenge managing customer experience

Value the fact that ‘Change Surrounds Every Challenge’ … Therefore, guide employees/customers through their frustration in dealing with change. Help each person “transition because of the change.” If employees/customers leave because of the frustration, such action is not a viable employee or customer experience . The cost of employee recruitment/customer on-boarding is much higher than […]

Word Fun Customer Experiences

word fun

word fun, extraordinary experiences Let’s have some word fun … Look for the word “fun” in the wordle above. ~~((>> As you scanned this wordle looking for “fun” – did you notice words jumping out at you? It’s possible those words are non-consciously important to why and how you deliver customer experiences. To continue … Scan […]