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Workplace Competency Statements

workplace competency statements

Summary: Review 29 Workplace Competency Statements to determine which one requires your attention to improve, focus, and/or strengthen. Select it to win a free pdf book. Workplace Competency Statements: 29 Ready, Able and Willing Management and Leadership Competencies … In creating the well-living workplace (a place of work where you work well together) are YOU – as an […]

Accountability Agreements Contracts Portfolios Competency

accountability agreements

Accountability agreements, learning contracts and knowledge & skill portfolios Use action-based, outcome-oriented competency profiles to create Accountability Agreements, Learning Contracts and Knowledge & Skill Portfolios Accountability Agreements Because the competency profile lists what a person must learn and action by recommended timelines to obtain their chosen level of certification. That is, your customers are clear about what […]

Competence Verification to Gain a Business Edge

competence verification

Emphasis: competence verification Use Competence Verification to Gain a Business Edge In Your Marketplace What’s your business edge … Your singular-ness that has people purchase your offers and packages when all around them is sales noise? Your edge is found in the phrase “clarity from consistency.” That is, when you consistently detail what a new or existing […]