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73 Ways to Deal with a Sticky Situation Through Leveraging Your Stick-To-It-Ness Business Decisions 18-01:

Business Decisions 18-01

Business Decisions 18-01 = 1st in the Work Well Together series You may be stuck (stuckness) or experiencing a situation that is not fulfilling your personal hierarchy of values nor matching the organizational values (sticky situation).Because of this stuckness and/or sticky situation it’s useful to identify the measure of stickiness you require to deal with the stuckness and/or […]

Mentoring Mentee Benefits Blog #18-02

Mentoring Mentee Benefits

3 Ways to Experience 14 Mentee Benefits from Your Extraordinary Mentoring Arrangement There are many benefits a mentee can experience with a mentor. The 14 Mentoring Mentee Benefits that follow are drawn from my experiences as a mentee, and confirmed through my contributions as a mentor. Mentoring Mentee Benefits celebrate opportunities as you realize the life you imagineddevelop a […]

Monday Motivation 11-4

Monday Motivation 11-4

The well-living workplace* involves  transitioning your workplace from a reaCtive perspective to a Creative perspective. *Well-Living Workplace is a place of work where persons live and work well together. Where they enjoy what they do and do what they enjoy. Definition of Key Terms transition → shifting from one state to another; from one place to another reactive […]

Mentoring Myths Blog #18-01

Wednesday Wisdom Mentoring Myths

To Work Well Together Requires You Erase These 3 Myths of Mentoring in the Entrepreneurial Workplace Jumping to the head of your entrepreneurial leadership knowledge and skill development “know and do list” is your commitment to advancing mentoring in the workplace. At the speed at which work is shifting, the entrance of less experienced staff with […]

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