Are you an Inspired Practitioner Wanting to Expand Your Practice Naturally? Natural Educator 2419

Natural Educator 2419

Natural Educator 2419 is about asking yourself this baseline question: Are you an Inspired Practitioner wanting to expand your practice naturally? From a workplace – employee-customer – perspective: That is: Do you have something you deeply want to share with others in your workplace? Your customers and clients?Do you seek a way to improve, focus, and/or strengthen the lives […]

Experience Nested Systems, the Birds, The Tweet, and Your Tree Stories 2419

tree stories 2419

Tree Stories 2419 is about the importance of nested systems … picture the Russian doll-inside-the-doll – Matryoshka From our ecoliteracy series … This week’s topic is “nested systems” … the previous topics were “cycles”, “flow”, “development”, “dynamic balance”  Your tree stories – when you reflect on them – are nested inside one another like the Matryoshka … the largest […]

How Able, Ready, and Willing Are You to Make a Significant Contribution at Your Executive Meeting re Workplace Transition 2319

workplace transition 2319

Workplace Transition 2319  is about Able, Ready, and Willing – and a performance dilemma Executive managers-leaders face when working with the Executive group (team) and managers-leaders.  Setting the Scene … It is Monday morning and you have returned from a three-day course on ‘Leading Executive Teams for High Performance’.  During the course the workshop educator mentioned a […]

Design Obtainable Practices that Foster & Fashion Satisfaction rather than Satisfiction for Well Living World 2319

well living world 2319

Well Living World 2319 is about designing obtainable practices that foster and fashion satisfaction rather than satisfiction The practices you use are based on facts that become data that become information that become knowledge that become wisdom. The journey of practice is an important element of your lived experience. It contributes to all aspects of living your […]

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