Monday Motivation 11

The well-living workplace involves fostering a workplace climate where you leverage shared experiences through generative conversations.Well-Living Workplace is a place of work where persons live and work well together. Where they enjoy what they do and do what they enjoy.Definition of Key Terms foster → encourage, promoteclimate → what happens along the lines and in the […]

Book Marilyn Suttle

Marilyn Suttle

Guest Author – Workplace-related BookCustomer Experience Marilyn do you make challenging work feel more like play?  Give your creative-side a chance to express itself with best-selling author Marilyn Suttle’s new activity book/coloring book COLOR THEIR WORLD: The Art of Creating Strong Customer Loyalty.It’s designed for lowering stress and raising resilience while strengthening customer relationships. · On […]

21 Enlightened Capitalist Speakers Sharing Insights About BEING Good, DOING Good, and DOING Well

enlightened capitalist

The #MeToo and Be-More-Responsible movements are changing the way we expect business to operate. Are you prepared strategically, culturally, and personally? At Enlightened Capitalist, we bring together leaders, laggards – and everyone in between –  to explore how we, as individuals, can change the way organizations operate. We believe in BEING Good, DOING Good, and DOING Well […]

Do You Have the Competence to Use These 19 Business Pivot Commitments to Measure Extraordinary Success?

Business Pivot Commitments to Measure Extraordinary Success

The following 19 business pivot commitments are suggested action_outcomes all stakeholders are asked to weave into their organization of work.  This list is a composite of 30+ years of business experience, collaborative conversations, and scanning current literature (academic and field-based). Below the list, below the picture are additional notes expanding on the 19 business pivot commitments.  Make […]

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