Overview Facilitative Mentoring & Executives

overview facilitative mentoring

Two of the ten educating approaches executives can use to manage and lead delivery of extraordinary employee experiences is facilitative mentoring. Facilitative mentoring is the combination of facilitating and mentoring. Facilitating is about drawing ideas from the employees in response to their questions and to directly involve employees in the delivery of accountable products, services and experiences. Mentoring is encouraging […]

Team, Extraordinary Experiences, Entrepreneurs and Executives

team extraordinary

Here is a short 3-minue video on “team extraordinary experiences” for established entrepreneurs and executives. To move from employee experience to extraordinary employee experience requires enhanced managing and leading approaches. In taking it up a few notches, we offer 3 suggestions.  More insights available when you click to read an earlier blog post on teams.  Grab a FREE 25-Minute Extraordinary […]

Congruence of Creativity Innovation at Work (Harmony)

creativity innovation

More Ideas Arrive When Creativity AND Innovation Influence Your Organization of Work … What would happen if everyone in your workplace harnessed creativity and innovation on a daily basis?  What would happen if each employee were encouraged to bring forward one new idea and/or one new way of doing existing things in a better way […]

Change Challenge Transition

change challenge managing customer experience

Value the fact that ‘Change Surrounds Every Challenge’ … Therefore, guide employees/customers through their frustration in dealing with change. Help each person “transition because of the change.” If employees/customers leave because of the frustration, such action is not a viable employee or customer experience . The cost of employee recruitment/customer on-boarding is much higher than […]

Enlightened Capitalist Press Release


Taking businesses and their leaders to greater heightsVANCOUVER, British Columbia and DENVER, Dec.13, 2016 /CNW/ — Company executives and entrepreneurs looking to take their organizations to a higher-performing, community-focused, and socially-responsible level have a new, comprehensive consulting resource to explore, Enlightened Capitalist.Founded by Carol Wain, an award-winning business transformation consultant, entrepreneur, author, and leadership mentor, […]

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