Experience Based Learning and Educating

experience based learning

Experience based learning and educating is at the core of designing & realizing extraordinary experiences in the workplace, life, legacy, and mentoring. Encouraging More from Every Workplace and Life Education Setting All genuine education comes through experience [but] …not all experiences are genuinely or equally educative. John Dewey (American Educator, 1859-1952) All learning is experiential. However, not all […]

Well Living Workplace Characteristics

well living workplace characteristics

There are ten fundamental well living workplace characteristics useful to 21st Century workplaces based on well-living concepts and practices. Co-creating the well living workplace as a 21st Century business initiative incorporates 10 key characteristics. These well living workplace characteristics are a composite of 30+ years of thinking and feeling, workplace organization and reorganization projects, incorporating the needs and […]

Well Living Workplace Story

well living workplace story

This well living workplace story encourages the co-creation of a 21st Century workplace based on well-living concepts and practices. Co-creating the well living workplace (often written as well-living workplace) is a 21st Century business initiative.  Definition  Well Living Workplace is a    a place of work where, when and how people live and work well together […]

Wellth Wealth Movement Story

wellth wealth movement story

This wellth wealth movement story frames the intersection between “well-being & well-living” & “financial assets,” while living from your legacy today. Since I introduced the name “wellth” to my community in 1990, people have been puzzled.  Clarification “Do you mean wealth?” I would reply, “In a way!”Because the word “wealth” originates from the concepts and experiences of […]

Legacy Defined and Nurtured

legacy defined

Each day you have the opportunity to live, laugh, like, lead, love from your legacy. Read Legacy Defined while valuing the four branches of legacy.Legacy is the useful whats you gift others so they can learn something from your lived experience. Those “whats” express the “time, effort and money contributions” you’ve made by taking action, […]

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