Hierarchy Values Workplace WWUBlog

hierarchy values workplace

Hierarchy Values Workplace is about the hierarchy of values you manage and lead from on a daily basis. Knowing your hierarchy guides you in the decisions you make in managing and leading. To be clear… “Every person decides from a hierarchy of values. While not clear to most.” With clarity, knowing your hierarchy of values assists […]

Action Outcome Workplace WWUBlog

action outcome workplace

Action Outcome Workplace Approach involves tools and techniques to map, manage, and measure your “whole system – whole person” organization of work. It’s important to sequence actions to actualize outcomes in an Action verb_Outcome noun format like “demonstrate ethical decision making” for your organization of work.Because the action verb is measurable to the outcome of knowledge […]

Learning Workplace WWUBlog

learning workplace

Learning Workplace – Educating Workplace are two complementary elements for individuals and organizations alike. Because, learning and educating are two ends of a stick – you cannot pick up one end without the other!And, learning and educating are essential elements of your organization of work. More specifically, there is workforce learning and workplace educating. There is […]

5 Extraordinary Work Insights You Wish You Knew One Year Ago …WWUBlog

Extraordinary Work Insights

Here are 5 random – yet important – Extraordinary Work Insights You Wish You Knew for the whole system – whole person organization of work (WOW) especially during a business pivot.   #1 … Workplace Culture (and climate) A business pivot benefits from your ability, readiness, and willingness to manage and lead organizational – workplace culture.   At minimum – […]

Legacy Workplace WWUBlog

legacy workplace

Legacy Workplace is an essential element for individuals and organizations alike. It’s about “Being Well. Doing Good.” Definition: Legacy is the useful whats a person gifts others so they can learn something from the person’s lived experience. _useful whats = time, effort, money_gift rather than give_learn something as you serve as an educator _share your lived experience […]