Leverage Your Extraordinary Experience of Action Learning for Workplace Transition 0519

workplace transition 0519

Action Learning … is a personal approach to improve, focus, and/or strengthen real-life issues through “decision-action-outcome reflection in-and-on situated learning”. Applies to groups as well. Here are 10 Action Learning considerations to leverage your extraordinary experience of workplace transition. Read each statement with the intention to unpack it … that’s leverage the intention of each statement […]

Advocate for Creatures Places on the Earth re Well Living World 0519

well living world 0519

Eco-Creating the well-living world involves advocating on behalf of other creatures for their places on the earth, recognizing the lifecycle of species.  Humans share the earth with other creatures and living things who cannot advocate for themselves when it comes to the impact of humans on their lives and life cycles. And yet, some living things […]

QUICK CHECK of 13 Competencies Affecting Your Managing & Leading of Workplace Transition 0419

Workplace Transition 0419

In co-creating the well-living workplace … A place of work where you work well together – you enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy … Are YOU [as a manager-leader, human resource professional, workplace educator or executive] competent to guide your stakeholders through workplace transition? Consider the following 13 action_outcome statements … and ask yourself: Am I competent to […]

Speak Responsively on Mentoring 37_1 on 012919

Mentoring 37 290119

Mentoring37_1 is a video tv show – taped and live – and podcast about mentoring-mentor-mentee-mentorship – brought to you by the International Mentoring Community https://wellthmovement.com/mentor-schoolsMake mentoring a gift for the world: Develop your blueprint of mentoringUse the actions of mentoring in all aspects of your lifeAccess the concepts linked with becoming an extraordinary mentorEncourage others […]