Community Conversations about Mentoring April 8, 2020

community conversations mentoring #1

The four videos from the April 8th, Community Conversation Mentoring #1 NEXT: Community Conversations Mentoring – April 15th – You are invited – Register for Free here: your unique Zoom link … starts at 10 am MSTConversation 1: Those starting to mentorConversation 2: Those mentoring – updates Sponsors: MentorCloud and International Mentoring Community With Doug Lawrence Share0 Tweet0 Share0 Pin0 Onward … ​International […]

Consciousness Unveiled

consciousness unveiled thomson

Note to the reader: ​I’m writing a series of books called A Short Course in ___title___ with accompanying online courses. This article is in support of the book and online course: “A Short Course in Consciousness” Available May-June 2020 Consciousness Unveiled There was a time when consciousness was virtually a taboo topic for scientists and academics. They were afraid to […]

Mentoring, PTSD, Employees, Workplaces – Now What?

mentoring employees ptsd workplaces

Effective Mentoring: Its Response to Increased PTSD in Employees in the Workplace (Effective Mentoring Series – PTSD in the Workplace)  Doug serves as Director of Education and Co-Founder of the International Mentoring Network.  Mentoring, PTSD, Employees, and Workplaces Increasing numbers of employees showing signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a growing concern for organizations.  The International Mentoring Community […]

Action Outcome Statements for Performance Review Competence Form

… as to the development and use of a performance review document there are two complementary parts:  1) Writing the Action_Outcome Statements …  2) Designing the Form in which to place the statements …  Part 1 – The Action_Outcome Statements … Writing Action_Outcome Statements for the Performance Review Competence Form Where to start:  Identify the required and requested knowledge, skills, […]

Mentoring Arrangement Learning Investigation Mentee

mentoring arrangement learning

Investigate together what each person seeks to learn – because of the mentoring arrangement – starting with the mentee Investigate means carry out research – to study – to inquire (formally) – to enquire (informally) about -> the facts of something or the characteristics of someoneTogether refers to working with one another, with possible external support when […]

Mentoring Arrangement Purpose and Reason, Requires Clarification

mentoring arrnegemtn purpose

Clarify your purpose of the/your reason for the mentoring arrangement from the outset Clarify means “make a statement or situation less confused” Therefore, to clarify – it’s important to (a) define the terms and concepts within the statement or situation; and more importantly, (b) agree on those terms and concepts … What follows next is to “make the map” Mentoring […]

Mentoring Considerations

mentoring considerations

33 Mentoring Considerations in the Form of Action_Outcome StatementsMentor to Mentee -> “Walk Me Through It, Because When You Do,  IT Is For Giving” It = the conversation, the ideas shared IT = I Transition – about your movement and profitability Read these statements from your perspective as a mentor, mentee, or both. Clarify your purpose of /the reason for […]

Simply Knowing

simply knowing

Note to the reader: This is the third of three articles about intelligence, in the fullest sense … about simply knowing! In this article, we explore one of the intelligences in some detail, and suggest ways of improving it. As we noted in the first article, intuitive intelligence can be defines as “knowing without knowing how we […]

The Intelligence Process

Intelligence Process

Note to the reader: This is the second of three articles about intelligence, in the fullest sense. About the Intelligence Process with suggested questions at the end of the article. The Intelligence ProcessAll our actions seem to go through three stages. We become aware of something, then we understand what it is (or we don’t!), and then […]

Being Fully Human: Six Intelligences

Being Fully Human Six Intelligence

Note to the reader: This is the first of three articles about intelligence, in the fullest sense. What is intelligence? Is it fixed, or can it be improved? In this article, we introduce the topic by asking the question: what would it mean to be fully human?Being Fully HumanWe admire tigers and wolves and falcons and […]