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The International Mentoring Community (IMC) offers access to an evidence-based learning and an experience-based educating platform focused on the concepts and practices associated with Mentor, Mentee & Mentoring.

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Benefits for Mentor involvement with the IMC Learning and Educating Platform: 

  1. access the appropriate tools and techniques for a mentor to be successful in all aspects of the mentoring arrangement - with the mentee
  2. deliver a mentoring experience consistent with the mentee's requirements and requests - in the words of the mentee, on the mentor's terms
  3. provide a pathway for the mentor's continuous learning to enhance managing & leading and mentoring knowledge/skills - based on the latest updates from neuroscience, adult education, human performance improvement, industrial psychology, workplace culture, and more
  4. challenge the conscious competence and caring contributions of a mentor - from the life mix of workplace accountability, personal wellness, and philanthropic volunteerism
  5. gain modern mentoring insights useful to manage and lead the mentoring arrangement - especially for the execution of ethical decision-making, collaborative conversations, and encouraging the mentee's movement forward    
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Mentor ... Mentee ... Mentorship
Learn Why, Action How

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Develop, Deliver, and Evaluate an organization mentor-mentee-mentoring program in the words of those involved, on your terms. Executive a mentoring movement in support of managing and leading workplace initiatives that are proactive and generative.

  • MAKE a Map/Plan - gain certainty of direction, identify risk factors
  • Take Action appropriate for all internal/ external stakeholders
  • Transfer Knowledge - the Know-Why and Know-How
  • Encourage and extend collaborative conversations 

Experience the benefits of engagement and retention, continuous learning, knowledge sharing, systems improvement, raise happiness and wellness measures, ethical decision-making including hospitality-based interactions. 

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We're committed to support your wise allocation of time, effort, & money as you serve as a mentor and/or sustain an organizational mentoring program. 

We guide you through the "5 Give to Get" stages of your involvement and evolvement with the International Mentoring Community.

Get Perspective
Get Clear
Get Support
Get Results
Get Movement/Profit

Write a Book

well-living workplace leadership legacy project

An action_outcome based book is an excellent way to share your knowledge and skills with your mentees. In doing so, you organize your thoughts to assist the mentees in their learning and action.  

Use Our Action_Outcome Book System to Write a Book... more

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