Writing Your Legacy Story

Writing Your Legacy Story 


10 Action-Outcome Statements (prompts) to get you started...
10 Writing Tips to move your forward in sharing your story...

Possibility Exists in Your Legacy Story because of Your Lived Experience

Legacy Story

There is the story you tell yourself as there is the story you share with others. Which means there is a combined story about being FOR the World and WITH the PLanet.

Discover and Shape your Story - Know your Story (history & mystery) - Share Your STORY!

Thank you for dropping in to explore and discover a pathway to write your legacy story.

The video below (this text) summarizes 10 action steps to collect data, reflect on that data to become information, that you develop into knowledge as you share your wisdom for the world. 

Complete each of the ten action steps with the help of the shorter videos below.
The overview video -- directly below -- guides you to gain more understanding of each action step. 

Below the shorter videos is a video about 10 writing tips. 

Your words matter ... the stories you share matter ...
and sharing your legacy actions matter even more!

The thumbnails of the videos highlight the Action-Outcome statements used to guide you in writing your legacy story... 

Consider this free - mini-course as a starting point... once completed, contact us through the WELLth Movement Contact page to ask about more.

Once you've collected the insights - ideas - interpretations - investigations from the ten activities above...

Now, you begin to outline - write/video/draw/record - edit your Legacy Story!

The video that follows offers you tips to assist your writing - drawing, videoing, recording - whatever way you are writing--producing your legacy story for others to read-watch-hear!

Enjoy this stage of your contributions as a elder-mentor-celebrant-weaver in being for the world and being with the planet!

To the right is a one-page PDF version of the key points shared in the video... click and download as a reference document.

Includes a bonus checklist of nature-based activities - enjoy! 

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