Well-Living Workplace Definition for WELLth Movement

Written by Stephen Hobbs

Workplace ... noun effect: 
About activities involving effort for personal achievement and group accomplishment ... a means to an income - employment 
From a when (then and now) and where (there and here) perspectives - workplace (or place of work) is a position in which a person is alive and contributing 

Workplace ... verb effect: 
About a person involved in activity to achieve a purpose 
About people involved in activities to accomplish a mission 
Person and people operating, properly work forward efficiently and effectively 
To put in a particular place for employment (and voluntarism) 

Living ... noun effect:
About life - as a condition distinguishing humans from inorganic matter ... about the existence of an individual ... about finding a home 
About income sufficient to live on - inspired standards of living 

Living ... verb effect:
About remaining alive ... to make a home ... to make a movement 
About being alive - wise practices of living 

Well ... noun effect:
About profitability in ideas, money and/or ideas 
About hale and hearty - connected with wellth and wealth 

Well ... verb - adverb effect:
About doing something in a through manner ... to move in a satisfactory way 

Well-living workplace ... is a place of work where & when people live and work well together 
Place = position, perspective, way
Work = earn, activity 
Where = here and there 
When = now and then
People = collective, group, tam, tribe, community ... persons 
Live = eco (home), alive
Work = effort, involvement, evolvement 
Well = profitability, satisfaction, importance 
Together = collaboration, accomplishment, achievement 

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Just before leaving this post about ... well living workplace definition ... here is a perspective about work:

Work … an opportunity for discovering and shaping, the place where the self meets the world.

David Whyte ... "Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity"

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