Attention: Managers and Leaders

Explore Simple and Focused Ways to Improve Your Workplace Decisions as You Cross Off Organization Issues Stalling Your Movement Forward 

Movement is the precursor of Profitability. Conversion is the precursor of Completion.

You have to match Movement with Conversion to realize Profitability with Completion.

The way forward is grounded in making and keeping Commitments.

Are you falling short in realizing one or more of these measurable action_outcomes: 

seek clarity - extend appreciations - demonstrate courage - answer questions - solve problems - gain efficiencies - challenge value - reduce costs - convert sales - make profit - improve performance - manage productivity - generate mojo - or one of your necessity?

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Facilitative Mentoring for Workplace Transition 

When you gift yourself time with a Facilitative Mentor - to explore a topic like those listed above - you make an important investment in your professional and personal life.

It's a time to uncover the real issues & determine the initiatives to move you and your workplace forward.

Let's put to rest "provisional issues" that are excuses holding you back.
Instead, serve as a decisive manager-leader.

Through the connection you establish:

  • Develop a map-plan of the next steps to transition your workplace in the words of those involved on your terms
  • Identify the priority actions and outcomes to realize an imagined future that involves all stakeholders
  • Gain the knowledge necessary to improve your decision making and work assignments 
  • Encourage involvement of all stakeholders who are clear of their accountabilities required to move all forward

Whether a quick or long-term connection, this time is meant to get you back on track!
And more importantly, to sustain the great work you set in motion. 

On the left is a one-page
knowledge and skills overview of
Dr. Stephen Hobbs, 
Founder of WELLth Movement.

He serves as the Facilitative Mentor for those purchasing a facilitative mentoring package.

The purchase options
are to the right.

As a way to introduce Dr. Stephen Hobbs here is a video from the course Creating the Well-Living Workplace.

Highlighting the connection between ethical values and supportive behaviour. 

Gift yourself a Facilitative Mentoring Package to Map and Format Simple, Extraordinary, and Intelligent Ways to Manage and Lead Your Stakeholders in Their Words, on Your Terms

Imagine if statements applied to your managing and leading and/or through your mentoring and coaching: 

"Performance improves when leading my Field Staff from their hierarchy of values."
"We hold stand up morning meetings, & we accomplish 2x as much as when we are sitting."
"Customer engagement rates are increasing because of our You Decide Guarantee."
"It's so much easier to assign accountabilities when the staff make commitments they keep."
"The department is managing its financial allocations wisely."
"Our customers enjoy our onsite training programs the staff deliver."
"Our Safety Incident Reports have been cut in half, and dropping!"

What statement do you require to be true for your organization of work?
Let's explore and discover what's possible, decide the path forward, and action those outcomes NOW!

Here are the purchase options:

Based on on our Fairness Approach:
When you purchase the package ... if within the first 30 minutes of the first call you do not see value in the connection - we'll close the call and refund your payment immediately.

All investment in Canadian dollars. Payment processing via PayPal.
You email will not be added to an ongoing autoresponder program.

We'll use your mail to deliver and communicate about your purchase or booking.
We follow the You Decide Guarantee - therefore, during our "delivery communication" we will offer ways to stay in touch.

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