Use an Integrated Business Management System for Your Organization of Workplace Transition 3219

Written by Stephen Hobbs

Workplace Transition 3219 is about using an Integrated Business Management System as the basis of your organization of work. 

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REMINDER: As of the beginning of September 2019 ... the storyline with shift from Workplace Transition to Mentoring Workplace including 

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This series begins on the first Tuesday of September 2019. 

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Integrated Business Management System (IBMS)

For every business, there is an important situational decision.

That is to decide the geographical range of the business boundary. 

*>-[ Are we operating local, city-wide, regional, national, or international?
With this answer, you manage the organization of work required to meet the mission.

And, the range may shift over the lifetime of the business ...
Therefore, define the boundaries of your business!
And agree on those boundaries for all stakeholders.

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The next question has to do with management practices and standards.

*>-[ What wise practices and inspired standards guide the organization of work every day?
One of the best answers is to align and integrate the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) - International Standards and associated practices into the organization of work.

Whether you are local or international, the standards are guideposts for organizational-level decision making re productivity.
More so, when you move from national to international delivery, they are a key differentiator to instil and sustain employee and customer loyalty because of the ensuing guarantees.

The third question has to do with the competence of employees (including vendors, contractors, etc.).

*>-[ What level of competence is required to ensure individual decision-making re performance according to the ISO Standards?

Using such an approach those involved are clear
(i) on their assigned job profile;
(ii) the learning contract for continuous development and improvement;
(iii) the verification of competence requirements, and
(iv) the traceable documentation for succession planning.

An important tenet in using an integrated business management system to meet the situational requirements of the business delivery is a clear understanding and consistent use of the two guide rails:

  1. organizational productivity (ISO certification) and
  2. individual performance (personal competence certification)
wholistic organization of work

From a business management perspective, additional tools, techniques, and technology are required. Of importance are:

A)) a software-as-service to manage the organizational documentation --> to apply for the ISO Standard Certification.

Recommended: smartISO

B)) an operational financial technology like blockchain --> to record all transactions for strategic, tactical, and operational review.

Recommendations available that align with smartISO
Use our contact form to enquire

C)) a software-as-service to manage the individual competence verification --> to ensure stakeholders are competent for their assigned job profile including awareness of concepts and practices associated with A)) and B))

Recommended: smartISO and the pending addition of smartCompetence

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