10 Barriers to Co-Creating the Well-Living Workplace for Workplace Transition 3119

Written by Stephen Hobbs

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9+1 Barriers to Co-Creating the Well-Living Workplace

in informal conversations - the thoughts expressed about the fit of the well-living workplace concepts and practice re the work - highlight a hinder or help perspective –like-> "Will it make a difference? I've heard no!" 

people are not aware of who is involved with the message and the delivery channel -like-> "What is available to promote and educate about well-living workplace concepts and practices?"

people express we are taking on something that is in vogue, flavour of the month and they may believe it may not be correct for the person and/or the organization -like-> "What level of resources are necessary to make it work - ongoing?"  

a person’s view of the time and the level of involvement required -like-> "How long is this going to take? I'm here for a few years then I'm gone!"

what are people saying - in their words - about the well-living workplace (or healthy organization or accepted term) --> "What words are persons using to describe and explain their involvement in the well-living workplace?"

the question of funds to support the co-creation of the concept and its implementation in comparison to other initiatives are raised ... need to realize it is not really about money, it is about commitment to oneself to be, have and do something different that what is now --> "Come on - Really, how much is it going to cost in time, effort, and money to make it happen?

experiencing the disconnection between work and the lives of those involved --> "What connections/integration are employees making among work and volunteerism, wellness, and recreation?"

if a person has no experience with the concept, it is difficult to imagine, align, and engage in it the concept --> "What is our orientation to the concept sand how the concepts materialize in real-time - for existing employees? For new employees?

when the organization of work is spread over multiple locations, will the concept work well in all locations --> "How can we ensure the concepts and practices work in all locations? Sidebar: "Does this intention matter to all locations?" 

Program Fragmentation
is about moving the initiative forward in a piece meal way, often giving the task assignment as an ‘add on’ responsibility to someone already working in a full-time job --> "Are we willing to give the practices sufficient resources to succeed? Are those involved willing to co-create the well-living workplace together - now?"

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