May 16, 2019

Evaluate the Transitional Outcome and Shift Actions to Answer the Whole Is It Question for Workplace Transition 1919

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Workplace Transition 1919 highlights the importance of summative evaluation as applied to transitional outcomes and shift actions. 

This article is the tenth of 10 exploring Workplace Transition (Workplace Experience - #WPT, #WPX) ... where in workplace terms "transition (internal) is about the organization response to change (external) - knowing "change surrounds every challenge" (Dr. Linda Hines). Herein challenge is about the hindering and helping complementarity of challenges.
The other articles are listed below as Resources

Evaluate the Transitional Outcome and Shift Actions to Answer the Whole Is It Question 

Important action_outcomes to move the Plan of Action forward include:

  • Use summative evaluation to measure the transitional outcomes
  • Use summative evaluation to measure the shift actions  
  • Assign time, effort, and money to complete the summative evaluations
  • Determine what happened and didn’t happen, and why
  • Convey the significant markers through story-sharing 
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You are aware of the 5Ws and H question framework ... if not let me refresh you with a poem from Rudyard Kipling (reference):

I keep six honest serving men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.

I ask we add "Whole is it?" - that is, a 6W ...
Reasoning ... it's important that "we" appreciate the fitness (it leads to ...) of the thing we are viewing, considering, designing, developing, delivering - EVALUATING!

Whose with me ))smiles ... ?

Heads up ... my use of the term "shift" aligns with its verb form = to shift. Therefore, I'm referring to the actions taken to accomplish the (transitional) outcomes. 

Use summative evaluation to Measure the Transitional Outcomes
Use Summative Evaluation to Measure Shift Actions

Best to start with definitions of a couple of terms:

Summative Evaluation ... evaluation is about making a judgment about something qualitatively and/or quantitatively (using measurement and metrics) ... summative is to bring something together - summing something up - at an agreed upon end point or identified major touch point (benchmark, journey marker).
Example: evaluate a customer experience (CX) program 

Transition ... refers to the progression - conversion - adjustment, etc. - the outcome.
Example: determination of the satisfaction/importance of the customer experience resulting from implementing the CX program 
(and its a wise decision to do so for the employee experience as well)

Consider 3 types of transition: 
Transaction is to improve ways to move through present action. 
Transformation is to improve ways to shift the form because of the action.
Transcendence is to improve ways to acquire what you mysteriously imagine through action.  


Shift ... refers to the actions associated with the transition - to move, relocate, modify, restory, transport, etc.
Example: present the brand story in print and video formats, review the satisfaction by importance data for hindering and helping clues

About ... summative evaluation of transitional outcomes and shift actions

Assign time, effort, and money to complete the shift evaluation

It's important to set aside and reconfirm the time, effort, and money resources you'll assign the completion of the summative evaluation. 

That is - confirm the intention and assign resources in the design-develop stages of your program// project// product... AND, do not diminish the importance of the summative evaluation by program// project// product - learn from what happened - I say again, "learn from what happened!"

Determine what happened and didn’t happen and why

Okay - I'm saying it again - adding a twist ... 

Completion of a summative evaluation will value the accomplishment of productivity by persons (groups, teams, etc.) and the achievement of performance by each person. 

In doing so ... dig into the hindering (problems) and helping (appreciation) aspects of what happened and didn't happen. Because with the mess you share the correct message ... 

Convey the significant markers through story-sharing

That is:
Convey The Significant Outcomes By Internal Audience/External Market
Convey The Assessment Of Actions To Accomplish The Outcomes

Throughout the series of articles story-telling and story-sharing has been mentioned MORE than once. 

Therefore, the summative evaluation will confirm the present of significant markers that spark stories about decisions, action, and outcomes.

Share those stories!
Then, edit your wise practices and inspired standards ... 

“To assess the quality of thoughts of people, don't listen to their words, but watch their actions.”
― Amit Kalantri

business pivot formula


Review the concepts shared ... and use the suggested practices
Reflect on the actions you've taken, the awareness you gained 
And let us know what happened via our Contact page (private) or add a comment below (public).

In association with Workplace Transition this article complements actions to create the well-living workplace ... 

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In Closing Workplace Transition 1919 ...
You are invited to become involved ... and so - - - - your comments are appreciated below.

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