Use Measurement for Formative and Summative Course Corrections for Workplace Transition 1619

Written by Stephen Hobbs

Workplace Transition 1619 highlights the requirements of measures and measurement for formative and summative course corrections by managers and leaders. 

The measures and measurement guide the managers and leaders' decision making. Most times, the formative decisions result in course corrections while summative decisions result in business pivots. 

As managers and leaders remain present with the course corrections they have the measures and measurement data-information-knowledge to make the adaptive and/or proactive business pivots. 

This article is the seventh of 10 exploring Workplace Transition (Workplace Experience - #WPT, #WPX) ... where in workplace terms "transition (internal) is about the organization response to change (external) - knowing "change surrounds every challenge" (Dr. Linda Hines). Herein challenge is about the hindering and helping complementarity of challenges.
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Use measurement for formative and summative course corrections

Important action_outcomes to move the Plan of Action forward include:

  • Use measurement for formative decisions
  • Use measurement for summative decisions
  • Manage course corrections
  • Manage the significant measures of the everyday movement with work intention // vision
  • Manage the significant measures of the everyday profitability with work intention // vision

Use Formative Measurement for Formative and Summative Decisions

Decisions about the organization of work occur singularly and in batches, over the course of day and in the moment, and with a clear line of sight and in an uncertain mist.

Decisions are formative (continuous improvement) and summative (brief account of something). A collection of of formative decisions link to the summative decision, which can lead to a series of formative decisions. [And, so on!]

To assist a decision is the availability of data-to-information-to-knowledge. 
Of importance is the validity and reliability of the quantitative data and the generality and dependability of the qualitative data.

Of importance:

  • measures and measurement are essential-critical elements of formative and summative decision making
  • of what you measure, ensure declarative action is taken (even if there is no action - declare this decision) ...  
  • identify and manage the correct measures for the movement and profitability you agreed to achieve personally and accomplish collectively
  • the measures you use must make sense to the people collecting the data. It's advisable to educate the data collectors in the how and WHY of the measurement
  • the measurement must occur at schedule times to ensure formative and summative insights guide course corrections. 
well living world 1419

Manage Course Corrections

A plane does not travel in a straight line from departure to arrival. The pilot and more so the navigation system are making constant course corrections. 

Nor does a project follow the plan. Managers and leaders are making course corrections based on the measures and measurement of the organization of work. 

Sometimes, managers and leaders must make business pivots just as pilots make emergency pivots. Again measures and measurement guide the decision making.

Manage the Significant Measures of the Everyday Movement and Profitability with Work Intention // Vision​​​​

Whatever measures you use to determine movement and profitability associated with the organization of work, make sure you use significant measures against the work intention and/or vision.

More so, in the management thereof share the measures, and the movement and profitability stories in light of the work intention and vision. 

“What gets measured gets done, what gets measured and fed back gets done well, what gets rewarded gets repeated”
-- John E. Jones


Review the concepts shared ... and use the suggested practices
Reflect on the actions you've taken, the awareness you gained 
And let us know what happened via our Contact page (private) or add a comment below (public).

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In Closing Workplace Transition 1619 ...
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