February 21, 2019

Review 50 Targeted Action_Outcomes for Workforce Learning: Workplace Transition 0719

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Was thinking about Workforce Learning and Workplace Educating in context to a book series I'm writing. 

I started to make a list of action_outcome statements associated with Workforce Learning. Thought I would share with you. Maybe you have edits to share - what to add, alter, delete? 

business pivot overview
  1. Define learning and knowing
  2. Define workforce learning
  3. Define workplace educating 
  4. Define experience-based learning
  5. Discuss the effect of leveraging learning in the workplace
  6. Discuss the experience-based learning approach
  7. Discuss the linkage between short and long term memory
  8. Discuss accelerated learning techniques
  9. Apply accelerated learning techniques
  10. Describe recall and retention
  11. Apply recall and retention
  12. Describe the “10 P” model of learning
  13. Assess learning style (e.g., Kolb)
  14. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of learning style
  15. Assess learning approaches
  16. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of learning approaches
  17. Discuss the linkage between learning and educating
  18. Describe critical reflection, reflection-in-action and reflection-on-action
  19. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of critical reflection
  20. Discuss critical reflection techniques
  21. Apply critical reflection techniques to a situation
  22. Describe appreciative inquiry
  23. Describe problem solving
  24. Discuss the linkage between appreciative inquiry and problem solving
  25. Apply appreciative inquiry to a situation
  26. Apply problem solving to a situation
  27. Define culture and transition
  28. Discuss the effects of culture and transition on learning 
  29. Discuss the levels of workplace learning (personal thru society)
  30. Define team learning
  31. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of team learning
  32. Discuss the linkage between team learning and team development
  33. Discuss team learning techniques
  34. Apply team learning techniques to a situation
  35. Define organizational learning
  36. Discuss strengths and weaknesses of organizational learning
  37. Discuss the linkage between organizational learning and organizational development
  38. Discuss organizational learning techniques
  39. Apply organizational learning techniques to a situation
  40. Define knowledge management
  41. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of knowledge management
  42. Discuss the linkage between knowledge management and organizational development
  43. Discuss knowledge management techniques
  44. Apply knowledge management to a situation
  45. Discuss the linkage between human resources and workforce learning
  46. Discuss the linkage between information technology and workforce learning
  47. Define person-abilities
  48. Discuss strengths and weaknesses of various personal assessment tools
  49. Apply an assessment tool
  50. Discuss the linkage between personal assessment and workforce learning
mentor mentoring

See the Comments section below to offer your edits (add, alter, delete) - and Thank you!

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In Closing Workplace Transition 0719 ...
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