January 24, 2019

Five Workplace Insights, Five Workplace Tips for Workplace Transition 0319

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From the book Creating the Well-Living Workplace, here are five randomly chosen insights. 

Plus a Thursday morning tip for each insight. 

Workplace Transition 0319

90. The well-living workplace involves knowing that group juggling is more than a metaphor. 

Tip → On Thursday morning …
Identify from whom you receive ideas, documents, or work assignments and to whom you send them.
Ask yourself, “How am I receiving them? How am I sending them?”
Ask who is giving you the most difficulty whether sending and/or receiving? 
Once you have this information
Ask, do you fix the sending, receiving or both and why?  

36. The well-living workplace involves understanding the revolutionary and evolutionary effect of technology on your workplace community.  

Tip → On Thursday morning …

Ask members of your work group how proficient they are with current technology.
Ascertain if they need to improve their competence.
Next, ask what technology is needed for the next two years.
Ascertain who must become proficient in this new technology and who can educate others in the technology.
Set in motion the acquisition of the technology.
Support the person/people in learning the technology to educate others.

42. The well-living workplace involves understanding the ‘personal and powerful light’ you and others bring to the work you do.  

Tip → On Thursday morning …

During meetings with leaders, managers, staff, administrators, suppliers or vendors, ask for their thoughts and feelings about how your work is affecting them.
Ask for comments about how your work helps them do their work.
Remain open to hearing all comments.
Thank them warmly for their comments.
Summarize your learning and share your thoughts with the appropriate people individually and/or collectively.

64.  The well-living workplace involves noticing entrainment of systems whether in your workplace and/or between your workplace and external situations.  

Tip → On Thursday morning …

Pay attention to people in meetings.
Determine if there is general alignment of thoughts and feelings as they dialogue about issues.

Similar to pendulums of old clocks, when the pendulums are set in motion opposite to each other, they will eventually end up moving together (entrainment).
Have you noticed an example of this within your group?
What happened?
Is this insight useful when working with others?  

138. The well-living workplace involves fitting the vision from the future into the ever-changing and even more complex society with which the vision attempts to reconcile.

Tip → On Thursday morning …

Ask your group, “Does our vision for the workplace link with the community from which we draw our resources and offer our products/services?”
On a scale of one (low) to nine (high), what is the group’s consensus about the alignment with the community?
If the answer is seven or below, ask for ideas of how to move to an eight or nine, then ask what might affect the alignment.
Remember, your strengths can become your weaknesses without foresight. 

Five insights from the book: Creating the Well-Living Workplace

Onward ... 

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In Closing Workplace Transition 0319 ...
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Workplace Transition 0319


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