Workplace, Organization of Work (WOW): Transform Your WOW

Written by Stephen Hobbs

Summary: Your Workplace Organization of Work (WOW) involves the connections among the strategic, tactical, & operational elements of your workplace as you transition - transact, transform and/or transcend - your WOW ... 

Organization of work is a term highlighting 
the systematic (managing systems for people) and
the systemic (leading person from system) actions
required (must know and do) and
requested (like to know and do)
for group accomplishment (what has been produced by persons [people])
and/or personal achievement (what has been performed by person)
in the workplace. 

Your Workplace Organization of Work (WOW) involves transition at strategic, tactical, and operational levels. The type of intended transition you're observing is described and explained as transactional, transformational and/or transcendent. 

Your organization of work is explained and described by the following diagram:

workplace organization work

Introductory note:
The diagram emphasizes a general and simple approach to the organization of work that has wide application. Its accurateness is left to the application and reflection of each person who uses it.  

~~~ The two "I"s to the left of the bracket acknowledge the perceived Issues and Initiatives influencing your organization of work - your intended transitions.
Where in the broadest sense Issues = the Questions and Initiatives = the Answers

~~~ Within the brackets the "F_LD_AO" advances your organization of work ... 

  • Frame your Imagined Future with your Current Reality + identify your anticipated Outcomes
  • Learn your direction and story, measures and flow requirements for the Steps you'll take in your organization of work
  • Decide or prioritize the Steps you'll take - in the form of a map and plans you'll use - to guide your Organization of Work 
  • Action your systems and processes, practices and standards for the Insights you'll gain in your organization of work
  • Outcomes is the confirmation of your intended transitions you identified to move forward for personal achievement and group accomplishment 

~~~ The "M" and "TS" to the right of the bracket amplify the importance of the Movement made in Time and Space to achieve and accomplish Outcomes.
Your organization of work involves movement in time and space.
As you value this movement with regard to time assigned across the space affected, you influence the involvement of your employees and customers.
M-TS highlights the "shift" that has occurred with answers to the 5Ws and H questions required to wash, rinse, and repeat your organization of work. 

​Your comments about this diagram and description/explanation are appreciated ... 

The Workplace Organization of Work diagram will appear in blog posts over the months to follow and to guide development of ebooks and packages like:

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Unbounded dimensions - organization of work

Just before leaving this post ... here is a perspective about work:

Work … an opportunity for discovering and shaping, the place where the self meets the world.

David Whyte ... "Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity"

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