May 5, 2017

Workplace Mentoring Employee Experiences

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Summary: Move mentoring along the good to extraordinary continuum to deliver workplace mentoring employee experiences that are extraordinary. Connecting facilitating with managing and mentoring with leading. 

Move Mentoring Along the Good to Extraordinary Continuum to Deliver Extraordinary Employee Experiences ... 

​Mentoring employees is your pathway to success for win-grow outcomes. 

Because your employees ask Why-How-Who-When-Where-What questions on a daily basis, it's how you answer their questions that matters​ most. 

Answer and do it for them awakens eventual contempt and lengthens your To Do List.

Not answer it, and tell them to get on with it because that is what you hired them to do often leads to more mistakes than correct action. More so, mistakes that eventually show up as inefficiencies, deceased sales, and increased costs. Certainly outcomes you want to avoid.   

And so ... 

There is the Educative Approach to answering questions. 

"When you listen you learn, when you share you educate."

Use consulting, training, instructing, and facilitating When and Where the How-because-of-Who questions require your What and Why insights. More so, become competent at facilitating and instructing ... and leave training and consulting to others.

Use counselling, shifting, coaching, and mentoring When and Where the Who-because-of-How questions require your Why and What insights. More so, become competent at mentoring and coaching ... and leave shifting and counselling to others.

Facilitative Mentoring 

Narrowing the four approaches again, I suggest you become competent - then become masterfully competent - at mentoring, especially Facilitative Mentoring.  

Facilitating has you draw ideas from employees by asking them additional questions to clarify their asks. In doing so, you gain insight into where your systems and processes have errors and/or bottlenecks in their words.

In addition, as they answer your probing questions, they can see they have the answers already and/or the answers are well within their grasps.

And then, you use mentoring. 

Mentoring has you answer your employees' questions as they tap into your lived experience. You guide them to their insights in their words. 

And situations arise where you turn to others to assist with education updates (e.g., training and instructing), personal matters (e.g., shifting and counselling), and/or you learn together to create new systems and processes.

It's when you facilitate employees' responses to your questions first, and then respond to their questions as you mentor, can you accomplish your win-grow action_outcomes.

Workplace Mentoring Employee Experiences

At your best ... when you use facilitative mentoring, you move your employees along the extraordinary experience continuum. 

The more times you can move your employees along the good-great-memorable-remarkable-extraordinary continuum can you improve their involvement and evolvement.

That is, they move from participating in a good workplace experience to participating in extraordinary workplace experiences.

An Exciting Sidebar for further development ... like planting seeds to be watered!

Facilitating is to managing as mentoring is to leading. 

Consider: Facilitating informs your mentoring as managing informs your leading.

More to follow in upcoming posts ... ​

Moving Forward with Workplace Facilitative Mentoring ​

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