Workplace Intersection of Culture, Competence, & Movement

Written by Stephen Hobbs

Summary: Entrepreneurs with 3+ employees seeking "Workplace Intersection Culture Competence Movement" tools & techniques can benefit from working with WELLth Movement facilitators and mentors. 

Workplace Intersection Culture Competence Movement ... 

Upon first brush of the canvas the artist is not completely clear of what will unfold. Similarly, entrepreneurs visiting with WELLth Movement are not completely clear of what we offer. And we get that. 

Yet ... we promote this initial mystery. Because with your discovery of what we do, the brilliance we share, and the effort we put into our time with you makes the initial hmmmm fun and enjoyable for both of us!

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​And so ...

We work at the intersection of workplace culture, competence verification & certification, and making a movement so as to create well-living workplaces.  

We are a boutique, experience-based learning and educating company fascinated with the design and delivery of extraordinary experiences for customers, employees, and customers & employees under the well-living workplaces banner.


Our ideal clients are entrepreneurs with 3+ employees looking at business expansion and evolvement ​with their customers and employees. It's this group who often find themselves stuck and curious. 

Stuck in the sense that ​moving forward with expansion and evolvement may negatively affect their lifestyle. Yet, their thoughts of a reimagined lifestyle is encouraging the shift. 

Curious in the sense that ​they see how more people could benefit from what they do. Yet, the time and effort required to make it happen seems overwhelming.  

Neither feeling stuck ​nor overwhelmed is useful to you. However, reimagining a lifestyle in which more people are served by your products and services - now that is an imagined future worth working from today!

"You can realize tomorrow's business outcomes today."

What We Offer​

We use our Extraordinary Experiences (EX2) Platform to guide you to Get Clear _ Get Perspective _ Get Support _ Get Results _ Get Profit as you make a movement. 

And in support of that movement we guide you to create a place of work where you, your employees, and/or customers live and work well together. To assist this journey, we use workplace culture tools and techniques including competence verification and certification. ​

No matter the size, location or type of business - if you have 3+ employees - we can be your Guide on the Ride.​

Because at the end of the day ... when you improve efficiencies, increase sales, and reduce costs you're on a path to business success. That in turn leads to breathing life into your reimagined future as more people experience your brilliance. 

We have a black pen and blank paper ready for our conversations. We draw many of our diagrams to keep things alive and vibrant. And, we can connect in person and/or via Zoom technology.

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Yours for the wellth of it,

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