Summary: Workplace Inspired Standards are the overall EX2 Action_Outcomes you realize with your customers as a way for them to measure if your kept your delivery and sales promises. 

Your Workplace Inspired Standards Convey the Overall Extraordinary Experience Action_Outcomes You'll Realize with Your Customers ... 

Inspired standards are the action_outcomes you "deliver from" in service to your customers and clients. That is, you deliver from the intended outcomes of the future (you manifest with them) into today (you materialize with them).

"You realize tomorrow's outcomes today."

These standards are shared with your customers. Because, they'll use them to determine if you and your employees appreciate them. And, to determine if promises are kept.   

Also ...

Your use of Inspired Standards heightens the engagement of everyone involved in the design & delivery of extraordinary customer experiences - even the customer. Because you help your customers help you design & deliver extraordinary experiences. (EX2)​

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Their use encourages involvement from you and your employees via your natural strengths. In that way, your commitment to stated outcomes is realized in every connection, every delivery, and every follow-up with patience, flexibility, and discretion.

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When you put to use Inspired standards you use scalable tools and techniques that form complementary Wise Practices (the action aspect of action_outcomes).

Inspired Standards require your use of facilitative mentoring and instructive coaching to stay focused on the commitments and if necessary, make recommitments to ensure outcome delivery. Shift happens!

Moving Forward with Workplace Inspired Standards​

To maintain your Inspired Standards you have to challenge your systems and processes ... AND, review your Why Blinders, How Routines, and Who Shackles.

E.g., as WELLth Movement guides entrepreneurs (with 3+ employees) to make a movement using the Extraordinary Experiences (EX2) Platform, we align with these five Inspired Standards as defined and realized with the customer:

Clarify from Consistency 

Collaborate from Community

Communicate from Commitment 

Contribute from Confidence

Co-create from Capacity

It's your turn ... your Inspired Standards are?

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