17 Hacks for Co-Creating the Well-Living Workplace

17 workplace hacks taken from 5 WLWP book series

Workplace Hacks is about 17 suggested activities - work arounds, work throughs, work froms - ways forward --> for co-creating the well-living workplace. 

The source of inspiration are the eBooks in the Creating the Well-Living Workplace series: 

managing leading well living workplace
managing leading organization culture
managing leading engagement recognition
managing leading groups teams

17 Workplace Hacks 

A workplace hack is a work around - a way forward - a work through - a work from ... that supports your movement and profitability.

More so - it can guide your co-creation of the well-living workplace. 

Three hacks from each of the 5 eBooks identified above are included below ... that leaves 27 more hacks per eBook ... you do the math ))smiles 

managing leading well living workplace
  • Enrol persons in doing their work through their commitments
  • Use work-related learning and development to engage the heart (and head//hands) of employees -> in their words
  • Make work commitments doable while stretching their job assignments
managing leading organization culture
  • Create a sense of seriousness, urgency, and growth—now, rather than later
  • Encourage people to match what they say with what they do, with you as a role model 
  • Clarify where your face, fingers, feet are pointed
  • Schedule the work with genuine reassurances that where people are walking makes sense
  • Interpret the requirements (no wiggle room) and requests (wiggle room) each of you have during your time together
  • Recognize truthfulness develops from access to adequate or total information that both parties can use to assist each other 
  • Formulate inquiries of each other in action-outcome statements that allow for measurement
managing leading engagement recognition
  • Maintain appreciative/celebration messages through reward and recognition
  • Ask how you might support their continuation of the effort given
  • Use the person’s name and transition words like because and results in support of your engagement-recognition efforts
managing leading groups teams
  • Focus on welcoming transition, because of change, enthusiastically
  • Meet challenges in a way to inspire you in your work, others in their work, and together your shared work
  • Determine if the correct ladder is placed against the correct wall for each particular challenge by person
  • Learn how to resolve hinderances by doing more of what helps

Call to Action

Review the 17 hacks - do you see a meaningful pattern? Does that pattern help you organize the statements? Based on the pattern, order the 17 hacks and take action ... notice any improvement?
-[general to specific 

Pick a book - review the three or four statements - assign time, effort, and money to make those statements happen ... rinse and repeat the process for the next book ... notice any improvement?
-[specific to general

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_ use of Ecological Literacy
_ use of Ethical Decision-Making
_ use of language that evolves love and compassion in being for the world

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