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Summary: Workplace generative space is a place of transformative power where you elevate the experience of your customers | Extraordinary Experiences | Mentoring | Legacy | Life 

Use Workplace Generative Space to Bring Products, Services, and Experiences to Your Customers 

​Generative space ... the personal and/or social space to create - nourish - flourish your thoughts to ideas, actions to outcomes that benefit you and others ... a place of transformative power where you elevate the experience of your customers ... a place that is functional yet adds to others' quality of life.

For example - the garden you tend over the years and the pleasure you derive from sitting and walking in it ... in architecture, many newer health care facilities become places for well-being and well-living including access to nature ... in workshop delivery, the space through which the experience-based educator encourages evaluation, emergence, evolvement, expansion, entrainment, and extension of the concepts and practices highlighted during the course. 

​Connecting with You

As YOU create the conditions for workplace generative space, you are creating personal and/or collective time and place opportunities for personal sense-making and establishing links for future work.

You are creating extraordinary experiences for you and your customers.

In generative space you construct, test, and retest your ‘meaning pattern recognition’ – your framework of what the world means to you as you experience it.

Use mentoring extraordinary experiences

As you encourage your customers to energize and engage with you in their words, you guide their experience of generative space. 

Through generative space you have the power to bring "something into thingness" through originating it, producing it, and/or reproducing it.

Connecting With My Story 

Along my journey I've often used generative space to design, develop, and deliver extraordinary experiences. In the past 5 years, I've been involved in "making movements" using my EX2 (Extraordinary Experiences) Platform.

I've co-created well-living workplaces using my workplace culture tools and techniques.  

With entrepreneurs, I've guided many to eco-create businesses that extend their brilliance reach as they live their extraordinary lives ))smiles 

From my book Creating the Well-Living Workplace insight #1 applies:

The well-living workplace involves fostering a workplace culture where you leverage shared experiences through generative conversations. You leverage these conversations for the attainment of the organization’s mission and your life purpose.


Your Task

Over the upcoming weeks and months, ask yourself each morning, “How did I encourage and participate in generative space or generative conversations yesterday and what does it mean for me today?”

And, “How will I encourage and participate in generative space or generative conversations today that will have meaning for tomorrow?”

Would enjoy reading your insights. You can share on Twitter: @wellthlearning or add your comments below. 

Another Possibility​

For 22 summers, I was a white water rafting guide and trip leader. During those summers, almost all of my crews recognized how white water rafting is an extraordinary experience. [The exceptions were the snowy, cold days that can emerge from the mountains. Even those days, we found fun ways to complete the trip ))smiles]

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For those crews involved with a team development day or retreat, white water rafting can become a generative space when facilitated correctly.

For those living or visiting Calgary, ~ 40 minutes west of the city, you can book a personal and/or team white water rafting trip through Inside Out Experience. Give it a go and let me know what happened for you. 

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