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Summary: Get Clear on Two Types of Workplace Issues in order to Get Perspective on Workplace Generative Space Employees - Asking: So What, Now What, What Else? 

Are You Using Generative Space for Your Business Improvement-Expansion? 

Are you encouraging your employees to create generative space as a way to organize their work? 

Are you creating generative space for you and your employees to deal with workplace issues? 

That is ... Are you leading generative space as a way to encourage, evolve, expand, and extent your business transition?

Workplace Issues

There are two types of issues.

First, there are issues that need to be celebrated because they are about what is working in the organization. The celebration involves finding ways to do more of it.

Second, issues can identify what is not working and therefore solutions are required to resolve the issue. Feelings of concern are present.

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When you create a place for learning, reflecting, questioning, reviewing, and finding commonality within the business about workplace issues, you are fostering and fashioning a time and place for you, employees (and customers) to experience generative space.

In doing so, there is anticipation your employees will generate more than what is present. And because of the employees’ involvement, they will share their gratitude, enthusiasm and inspiration for a job well done which in turn encourages their continued involvement.

Generative space is a place of thinking and being that embraces transition because of change and the creative process involving creativity and innovation. It can be a wonderful addition to work when nurtured.

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Knowing when it is or is not present alters what a person is doing.

It guides a person to generate new futures and to fulfill visions that would previously have seemed impossible.

When employees are inspired and can inspire others, they know the flow state of being, having, and doing.

On The Flip Side ...
Workplace Generative Space Employees

Also, realize to guide generative space is difficult.

This time and place is open.

It has multiple outcomes that are themselves unpredictable in form and function.

This situation can be frustrating and confusing at times.

Yet, not to spend time in generative space means receiving less than what is possible.

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. – George Bernard Shaw

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