April 19, 2017

Workplace Generative Space Definitions

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Summary: Workplace Generative Space Definitions ... to establish a baseline. Connecting the two terms to Artists, then your Business asking the question: Is your business a generative space? 

Defining the Terms Generative and Space ... 

To create generative space requires a better understanding of what is meant by “generative” and “space.” 

Let’s start with space

  • Space is physical in that it can be measured and a boundary placed around it.
  • Space can define your position; that is, the role you play according to your placement in the organizational chart.
  • Space is psychological in acknowledging your “headspace” about work.
  • Space can be social in that it suggests where your group meets and creates ‘things’ and how it collectively thinks about an issue.
  • Space can be political as people come together to share power or not.
  • Space can be spiritual as you discover who you are and the truths that accompany that discovery.
  • Space is a place in time … just as time is a place in space.

Generative refers to possessing the power and/or having the ability to produce, reproduce, contribute or originate something that adds value or potential value to one’s life or workplace.

In the workplace, when new products and processes are offered for use, some form of generative activity was used to create them. Therefore, a person or persons entered into space (time and place) that was generative.

When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty. I think only how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong. – Buckminster Fuller

Artists and Business

Artists are the most obvious promoters of generative space. They create this space when they design, develop, implement and evaluate their work. In their case, generative space can be physical. It’s within their studios where paints, canvases and potters' wheels are used to create pieces. It’s within whatever place they generate their artwork. They have mental space from which they see what needs to be birthed and find the ways and means to give it lifelike Michelangelo who “saw” David in the stone.

In your business, generative space is where you experience relative safety to bend and twist, turn upside down and inside out, and test ‘things’ without misfortune.

Some businesses have research and development (R&D) departments that create such space.

Other businesses, by the nature of their culture, support pockets of generative work in the everyday dealings of employees with employees, and with customers.

Is your business a generative space?

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