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Summary: Workplace Generative Space Actions ... Includes quick review activity to anchor 7 generative space actions for your business 

Setting the Stage for Workplace Generative Space Actions ... 

I have managed, lead and consulted with many organizations. I’ve seen the effects these organizations have had on their people. 

In one organization, people were frightened to update their managers because of what they thought might happen should they made mistakes or not deliver on time.

In another workplace, where people were cut off from each other, employees ended up gossiping, getting caught up with internal politics, and climbing the leadership ladder at whatever cost.

And yet, in many other organizations, people commit to their work and foster their relationships in respectful ways.

With these experiences in mind, I ask clients and workshop attendees, “What does the workplace of tomorrow look, feel, taste, smell and sound like?”

With any hint of workplace negativity, I follow up with this request, “If what you have is not what you desire, then explain and describe what would work for you.”

The responses are enlightening.

To hear how their visions live is inspiring.
To hear how their visions fall short of how they are voiced is disheartening.

Connecting with You and Your Generative Workplace

My task for this article … take 10 seconds … envision the entrepreneurial workplace YOU desire to create.

Yes - Take ten seconds and envision your workplace ... 

Are you inspired or disheartened, or somewhere in between?

If inspired – share gratitude and appreciation with all with whom you work.
Leverage the appreciative story you just imagined (and felt).

If you are disheartened, what is really stopping you from sharing your workplace vision with others? 

Whether inspired or disheartened, in moving forward, “With whom might you share your story and ask for their assistance?”

More so, weave these seven actions into your workplace organization of work to fashion “generative space” through which to realize your preferred story:

  1. frame your story with the help of others (employees, contractors, customers, mentors)
  2. inspire others to work with you to edit the story (add, alter, delete) you proposed
  3. create a space that allows for the old and new to meet, a place where possibility, authenticity, sincerity and personal connections can breathe and be nurtured
  4. explore the authority and resources (time, effort and money) necessary to make it happen
  5. guide all to move from reactive learning through adaptive learning to generative learning via mentoring and coaching
  6. implement 2 through 5 – take the action individually and in groups
  7. evaluate the results of your actions and adjust 1 through 6 through continuous improvement

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