April 26, 2017

Workplace Future of Work

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Summary: Workplace Future Work introduces you to the possible connections among extraordinary experiences (EX2), virtual reality (VR), cognitive computing, and the Future of Person and Machine  

Workplace Future Work 

In 1996 I completed my EdD thesis ... tilted: Development and Validation of a Holistic Organization Learning Framework for Organizational Learning Consultants and Adult Educators

I used insights from quantum physics, physics, and metaphysics to design and develop an Workplace Organization of Work (WOW) framework that might be used in a virtual reality (VR) environment.

Jump ahead 20 years, 7 MBA students from the University of Calgary agreed to explore Proof of Concept of VR as a way to create an extraordinary experience (EX2) ... whereby participants would enter the diagrams I use to describe and explain my business platform. (Based on my thesis.) The starting point was a video on Tilt Brush ... Outcome: Still in progress. 

My point of reference for my EX2 and VR quest was the Holo-Deck on the Starship Enterprise.

That shared ... I'm still working on the delivery of EX2 via VR. So, I'll be reporting more as I progress ...

Words Matter for Workplace Future Work

During my initial research of EX2 and VR ... I was reawakened to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

There is considerable conversation underway - about AI, robots, cognitive augmentation, etc., etc. 

I started to list key words - and thought I would share them with you. 

In no particular order - and certainly not all of the words flying around ...

Future of Work
Composed - Assembled
Cloud code
Domain Knowledge 
Natural Language
Person & Machine
Social Innovation
Social Impact
Block Chain

Automation of automation
Internet of Things
Cognitive AI
Cognitive computers
Cognitive overload
Cognitive business
Cognitive solutions 
Digital (analogue)
Business technology
Unstructured data 
Making a movement

Affective learning
Psycho-Motor Learning
Deep learning 
Visible - invisible technology
Learning technology
Educating technology
White space, grey space

To add to the list is Cognitive Augmentation - e.g., IBM and Watson and others.

And I would add Cognitive Articulation - an idea I'm nurturing through a strategic alliance with Digital Samurai (Toronto, Ontario). Again, more to follow. 

If you are reading this post ... and EX2 + VR + Cognitive Articulation catches your interest ... then use the Comment section below to share a hello and we'll connect ... 

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