This article has everything to do with encouraging you to create well-living workplaces.

Such a place of work is where employees and customers live and work well together. Where they enjoy what they do and do what they enjoy. And the community from which they are drawn benefits as well.

Guiding Your Decision To Get Involved

At its core, creating the well-living workplace thrives on your decision-making. And decision-making is at the heart of you being the best for your workplace.

Therefore, as you move forward into the article I use passages from my business journals to stage and illustrate points to:

  • encourage our connection because we work in a similar way = awesome!
  • help you think and feel differently about your work, from which new action is forthcoming = awesome!

A Sidebar Interpretation of Wellth and Wellthier

Before moving on … it’s best I define two terms.

Wellth refers to well-being for self and well-living with others. It’s about the dynamic balance among work, voluntarism, leisure and heath.

It’s a spinoff of wealth that itself combines “well” and “health.” Where wealth highlights financial and economic interpretations of living your wellthy (wellthiest) life and creating well-living (wellthier) workplaces.

Wellthier refers to activities used to frame-learn-decide-act your achievement and accomplishment of outcomes. The status of wealthier generates and improves financial and economic outcomes.

Wellthy and wellthiest are variations of the terms mentioned above that fit grammatical requirements.

From My Work-Related Journal For Your Reflection

In living my great life I dream so big that nothing happens. I dream so big that I am living in the dream, seeking ways to make the dream better but forgetting to realize my dream in the arena of the world where the dream can find its fulfillment. And because I do not move my manifestation to materialization, from thought to action, nothing happens.

In dreaming, I imagine in a certain way. In real life I act in a certain way. Between the image and reality I am disconnected.

Above this entry I wrote:

I Dream So Big, Nothing Happens

And then I thought how limiting that is. So I shifted one word, and wrote: 

I Dream So Big, Everything Happens

Pic 2 To be confident is to do evident things

Living My Great Life to Create Well-Living Workplaces

In shifting that one word, things began to happen. However – and there is a however – I must remind myself to tame my “thought hare” and excite my “action turtle.” And in other ways, tame my “action hare” and excite my “thought turtle.”

It’s true. I’m running my many races – at different times, at the same time. Therefore, I’m wearing different bibs to remind me of what I be, have, do.

I can think as much as I like. Thoughts, in and of themselves, will not realize my intentions. I have to learn, decide and act in a ways to “have” what I dream. I must “be” in this world in a confident way and “do” things in an evident way.

And in this mix of be, have and do I walk my unique path that I share with others as we create well-living workplaces.

As an introvert who draws energy from quiet times and reflection, with forays to greet and meet people, I can now truly benefit from how I go about my work.

David White, author of Crossing the Unknown Sea, a poet wrote:

“Work is an opportunity for discovering and shaping, the place where the self meets the world.” 

It’s this definition that guides me today!

Pause here for a minute or two. Reflect on your “be, have and do” as it relates to your work and workplace. These one-to-two minutes can unearth insights to generate your wellth and create ripples of awesomeness you can encourage in your workplace.

Again, Insights From the Work-Related Journal

What seems so appropriate to revitalize my path of shared learning is to quote M. L. King, “I have a dream.” 

I have a dream of how I love to be in this world. And it is important I take this dream out for a walk, nay a run … oh heck, how about a gallop? 

My dream is to interact continuously with 1 million men and women (or more). To encourage their personal inspiration and to engage their hands, heads and hearts in co-creating the wellthy world through a social movement aligned with eco-life literacy (sustaining the bond among trees and children – more to follow). 

In order to work continuously with them, a “wellth learning network” is needed to develop opportunities for the strategies, structures and relationships to grow. 

That is, each person will create their own wellth learning network to establish and sustain the ways and means for living her/his wellthiest life, creating wellthier workplaces and co-creating the wellthy world.

Through the WELLth Learning Network, I commit to guiding all in living from their ”magnificance” (magnificent significance). 

I am magnificent.

I do things with significance.

In who I am and how I do things I have magnificance.

My big why – my big adventurous goal is
to share the magnificance of wellth.

Stay the Course with Confidence 

This previous passage was written 10 years ago.

I actualize its message every day – and to be honest some days are better than others. Now, it forms content for this article – it serves in yet another way.

And when it comes to my dream I’m stepping up, staying found, sharing wisdom and shining light.

I’m stepping up = fulfilling commitment

I’m staying found = asking for help

I’m sharing wisdom = speaking my truth

I’m shining light = taking risks, illuminating a path

Because of these actions and more, I believe in myself and make my story real.

In turn, when others freely acknowledge and assign the term “leader” to describe and explain my contribution to our working together, I accept this gift. It’s a magnificant gift.

Questions for Creating Your Well-Living Workplace:

  1. Are you sharing your voice and vision within your workplace?
  2. Are you stepping up and staying found?
  3. Are you sharing wisdom and shining light?
  4. What will it take for you to whole-heartedly live your wellthiest life as you create the well-living workplace?
  5. What would it look like, feel like, smell like, taste like, sound like to move your leadership dream into your leadership reality?

From your responses, let them become real.

Let the dream become everything you hoped.

Let your work become an expression

of being your best for the world.

Journey with wellth. Make it a wellthy day!


About The Author

Dr. Stephen Hobbs is a Decision Mentor. He’s available to guide you as a business owner, entrepreneur, executive or team leader to make better decisions. He uses a mix of facilitating, coaching and mentoring to realize your outcomes ethically and in your words. An hour with Steve straightens out even the biggest decision so you can see the forest and the trees.


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