Create Workplace Culture Rewards Killing Ideas

Written by Stephen Hobbs

Create a workplace culture that rewards killing ideas – have you?

Peter Diamandis speaking with Bill Gross, the CEO and Founder of Idealab 

Bill explains about killing ideas:

“We kill a lot of ideas. There is no risk to our people; nobody gets fired. In fact, people get praised when we kill something. We save a lot of money when we kill a bad idea.”

It is so critically important that this notion is ingrained into your culture – otherwise, it will never work. Reward your people for finding ways ideas won’t work before you invest heavily in them.

Peter Diamonds:

Bill Gross:

Excerpt taken from a blog post by Peter Diamandis


Additional Note:

From a creative process perspective there is merit to this excerpt.
To do otherwise – most times – has you chasing squirrels
or digging a hole, and taking the shovels, picks and ladders into the hole.

And to reward and recognize for what doesn’t work is useful for time, effort and money allocations.

When crossing the idea off the list – make sure there is no hidden gem. To do otherwise, pink and yellow sticky notes may not have been made. Then again, there are some that would say – bravo!

Workplace culture killing ideas