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workplace culture awarenessQuestion about Workplace Culture Awareness from an Entrepreneur in Start-Up

Question: “If you check out startup blogs or entrepreneurship magazines recently you can see bunch of articles about company culture. I just started a company and I have so much on top of my head that I barely find time to spend time with my family, eat and sleep. 

I am trying to make myself to think of something but I am postponing it all the time. Is this really so important? Can it wait or I have to spend time on that, or get some help?”

In response to this question about workplace culture awareness in start-up …

With “one person in start-up” you have context – once you involve another you begin to frame climate (foreground conversations about the organization of work/experience) … whether the second is an employee, vendor, contractor, customer, supporter, family member, friend, ___?

workplace culture awarenessWith addition of third person you have culture (background conversations about the organization of work/experience) … e.g., one of the three might ask “Who do I talk to about this issue?”

Sharing this perspective of 1 then 2 then 3 is illustrative – because there is no absolute definition of when is it culture – like how many grains of sand make first a sand dune? Ah – similes – it may work (or not) …

The degree to which you place intention and pay attention to culture does your awareness of culture evolve re: associated actions and ensuing conversations. The wise practice suggests – sooner than later.

Sharing a perspective from my book on Workplace Culture … as I reflect in (unfolding) and reflect on (enfolding) my lived experiences

Original source of ? was LinkedIn – Response Published on LinkedIn

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