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Summary: Review 29 Workplace Competency Statements to determine which one requires your attention to improve, focus, and/or strengthen. Select it to win a free pdf book. 

Workplace Competency Statements: 

29 Ready, Able and Willing Management and Leadership Competencies ... 

In creating the well-living workplace (a place of work where you work well together) are YOU - as an entrepreneur with 3 to 10 employees - competent to take the "action to achieve the outcome specified" in the 29 statements? 

It's Yes or No - there is no grey area in between Yes and No.

And so ...
the following 29 competencies ... and answer the question at the end of the list to receive a free pdf copy of the book Creating the Well-Living Workplace.

  • Match the correct person for correct job at correct time
  • Recognize shift happens in and around the organization of work
  • Develop the capacity for employees to become aware of and work with shift
  • Reduce layers of organization through connecting people with ideas-decisions-implementation
  • Promote collaborative cross functionality
  • Execute strategic focus that fulfills value propositions internally and externally through ongoing focus on the marketplace
  • Design jobs that integrate people on their strengths
  • Provide the means for people to respond rather than react
  • Connect reward with competency achievement matched with productivity accomplishment
  • Match recognition with competency achievement
  • Match employee task satisfaction with importance of a job well done
  • Introduce disruptive technologies in supportive ways
  • Dialogue old and new technologies to enhance operations
  • Use what is helpfully old in new ways
  • Match who can fill in during employee absence
  • Match employees who best help leverage client relationships
  • Provide for simple and responsive productivity internally and externally so the organization can move fast and be more interactive
  • Obtain employees who can help leverage client relationships
  • Remain alert to human resource trends affecting the organization of work
  • Involve managers in all levels in preparing people for their next jobs
  • Offer ways to retain employees through personal development
  • Deliver products, services, and experiences that consistently meet and when possible exceed personal expectation
  • Develop a mindset of confidence in self and with others
  • Develop stretch goals about being, having and doing one’s best
  • Define organization requirements and requests matched with employee commitments and requests
  • Lead based on the employees’ personal hierarchy of values
  • Define what the organization must supply and what the person must bring to work
  • Ensure ethics of individual performance internally and externally
  • Recruit, retain, and retrain talent as and where needed

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