April 21, 2017

Workplace Certification Business Expansion

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Summary: Use Competencies and Verification to award workplace certification at Achievement and/or Competence levels | Business Expansion | Customer Involvement  

Workplace Certification 

Thinking about business expansion ...  

And you've heard about using certification as the basis of encouraging your raving fans and strategic alliance members ​to learn, and then educate with your products, services, and experiences. 

It's doable ... so long as you are clear about the certification path you're going to take. And, the degree of assessment/verification ​you're going to use to ensure your educators are meeting the needs of your customers while fulfilling your requirements of excellence. 

Educator Certification

Offering educator certification is your acknowledgement that participants have achieved the requirements you set for awarding a certificate. 

And so ... ​

You can offer a Certificate of Completion - the person showed ​up. However, there is no meaning associated with this level of certification. 

Next, you can offer a Certificate of Achievement based on an audit process you ​developed in alignment with the action_outcomes you deem important for your participants-as-educators to know and do . That is, the person submitted assignments, wrote an exam(s), and/or submitted a portfolio. By checking the boxes and review of documents you award the certificate. Just as most universities and colleges do. However, is the person competent to educate your body of work? I hope you say no!

Then there is Certificate of Competence. That is, you use a much more rigorous verification approach. You state the competencies (action_outcomes) you use to verify a person competent. You leverage the audit assessment to a level when and where the participants actually discuss/demonstrate their knowledge and skills with verifiers. And your verifiers are competent in verification and are verified competent in the competencies they'll verify.

competence verification

Because of this verification rigour, the Certificate of Competence includes insurance and legal requirements for both the participant and you. Therefore, due diligence is necessary to ensure ethical and legal standards are established and maintained.

Moving Forward with Workplace Certification

​Based on your understanding of the paragraphs above - if you see the possibility and opportunity in awarding the Certificate of Achievement and/or Competence - then, connect and we can get you set up. Click the purple button below to Grab a FREE 25-Minute Discovery Call to dialogue about what's next. 

On the other hand ... after reading the paragraphs above ... it seems like a lot of work to offer Certificates of Achievement and especially Competence ... then gift yourself 25 minutes and grab a FREE 25-Minute Discovery Call to make sure you're not walking away from a game changer for your business . Click the purple button above. 

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