Topics - Timestamp

00:01 Introduction 

03:42 Words matter
There are no absolute words
Words are the freezing of reality for the moment they are heard and read
Some freeze for a while, others melt away

05:44 More words are added with learning
With reflecting
With educating
When you listen you learn
Where you share you educate 

09:32 You love to learn what you educate
How you learn and how you educate
With your audience
Requires clear intention, focused attention, and a lot of smiles
When things do not land 

16:02 Mentoring words

Arrangement (structure) - How
Connection (relationship) - Who
Direction (strategy) - Why
Time, effort (and money) (resources) - What
Collaborative conversations (communication)

19:54 Consistency

24:42 Resilience

36:34 Quora Q:
I am not sure what to talk about with my mentor/mentee. What are some common topics?

A: Common topics mentees seek to work on with their mentors often include communication skills, leadership skills, networking, work/life balance, learning organizational culture and management skills. 

Communication skills can include active listening/hearing, trigger words in a conversation, body language, crucial conversations, etc. 

Leadership skills can include how to motivate employees, the difference between being a “boss” and being a leader. I work with a lot of new managers/leaders to get them to reflect on their past week to see what went well, what didn’t go well and what will we do differently next time.

A common concern of a lot of people today is the aspect of work/life balance especially with more and more people working from home. It has also added to their stress level and in some cases has increased levels of depression.

A good mentor will sense your hesitancy to begin the dialogue and he/she can revert to sharing some of their lived experience that is relevant to what you had planned on talking about. As a mentor it is important to use this time wisely to share lived experiences as that helps with the mentee's growth.

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