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Words Matter

Words Matter, to whom? 

Of what you say, do you mean it?

Do you understand what others mean with the use of their words?

Can you support others to understand what you mean, they mean, and what you mean together?

Words - Your Language - Is Framed by Experience. 

Ask yourself what kind of experiences are framing your language? Your worldview... because words can lift you up as they can take you down. 

Words Matter Experience

Words Matter to Whom?

Words that form language mean what persons agree with them to mean.

We each have a unique map of the world using the language we have to work with. 

And we each experience the world uniquely. 

Words are given meaning through the anchored associations to objects and experiences throughout our life. 

We do not all see the same objects nor the same experiences.

Even some metaphors and similes confuse.

Often the meaning of words used confuses the situation, and the associated learning.

Your Thoughts

Word Sonder

The Realization That Everyone Has A Story - Video below

Thoughts are not determined solely by language.

What is felt - your emotions enter the picture and bring other words to the surface. 

When thoughts and emotions are enfolded in language, how well are they unfolded by the listeners?

Language has its ambiguities - it's slang - the sarcasm. 

Words anchor a sense of experience, yet our experience is not reality.

Our words map the reality. Our emotions color the map.

What is the color of your word map?

Moving Forward with Experience as Legacy

Are you...

  1. gathering data to form information - in whose words? On what terms?
  2. clarifying the meaning of the words from your lived experience?
  3. illuminating beliefs, then asking I suppose to rescript your beliefs as your Point of View?
  4. opening up choices from mystery that allows for adventurous decisions-actions-outcomes?

In the activities, behaviors, and consequences you experience (by moving forward), ask yourself: 

What words matter? To Whom?


Dr. Stephen Hobbs

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Being FROM the Whole


Dr. Stephen Hobbs

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