Written by Stephen Hobbs

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word funLet’s have some word fun …

Look for the word “fun” in the wordle above.


As you scanned this wordle looking for “fun” – did you notice words jumping out at you?

It’s possible those words are non-consciously important to why and how you deliver customer experiences.

To continue …

Scan the picture again and identify 5 words that hinder your delivery of customer experiences. That is – you seek to achieve the outcome of these words, yet you’re falling short of doing so.

On the other hand – identify 5 words that help your delivery of customer experiences. They are important because you’ve mastered them, and you’re seeking ways to educate others in their use.

Let’s put your words to work … 

With your 5 and 5 words – read the various blog posts (see right column). Find your words in the text and videos. Read/watch/collect the content helpful for your continuous learning, decision making and taking actions based on your words.

And if you send us an email at info@wellthlearning.com or add a comment to this blog with your word and a question – we’ll go through our resource library and send you/post here a response. Your email will not be added to a list. Period!

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