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Awarest Wholversity

September 2018
Virtual Doors Open

Access online courses via Awarest Wholversity to explore and discover 

topics like

  • Business Pivot Experience
  • Life Pivot Experience
  • Write an Action_Outcome Book
  • Entrepreneur as Educator
  • Entrepreneurial Life S/Place
  • Ecological Profitability 
  • Ecological Achitexture for Business Continuity 

so you can 

  • Create an Entrepreneurial Business 
  • Create Well-Living Workplaces
  • Eco-Create the Well-Living World
  • Live Your Extraordinary Life

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When You Pivot 

Create the Message.
Map the Way Forward.
Invite People to Join You.
Collab​orate in Moving Forward.
Leverage Your Learning and Actions.
Celebrate the Journey.
Wash, Rinse. Repeat.

Possibility Exists in Every Handshake,
and Through Dialogue with Other Course Participants

Write a Book

wellth wealth movement story

Books offer snippets of your business or life story so others can benefit from your learning and actions about your business and life decisions.

Writing books is a great way to organize your ideas and offer suggestions others can adapt/adopt for their business and/or life.
Use Our Action_Outcome Book System to Write a Book... more

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