June 30, 2021

What is the Connection Between Gift and Give

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June 30, 2021 

What is the connection between gift and give as it applies to legacy? When & where others are involved...

Legacy is about... 
the useful whats...
you gift others...
so they can... 
learn something... 
from your... 
lived experience 

The word "gift" is a noun and verb.
The gift (noun), to gift (verb). 
The word "give" is a verb and a noun.
To give (verb), the give (noun). 

That is, when you use gift it applies more to the noun;
whereas when you use give it applies more to the verb. 

And, to gift is more about the heart;
whereas to give is about the head

The gift is in celebration of the person being;
whereas the give is in appreciation of the person doing

I make a subtle point
Because in the legacy definition
To gift is heartfelt with the gift
whereas to give is mindful for the give

From this perspective, you decide... onward!

As to others
For those who are family and friends verses direct/indirect social groups
Might you gift the gift versus you give the give

Where there is definitive crossover is in the workplace

With this commentary - I'm asking you to be heartfelt and mindful in living from your legacy and your interactions with others!

"Legacy is in you to gift!" SWH 
"Legacy is in you to give" SWH

"Legacy is the gift you give"
"Legacy is the give you gift"
"Legacy is the gift you gift"
"Legacy is the give you give"


Gift Give Connection

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