July 14, 2021

What Do the Letters ADIMPST Contribute to Your Legacy Project

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July 14, 2021 

Making sense of your Legacy Project using the letters ADIMPST framed by STEEP and STORY 

I'm sharing all of the pictures associated with STEEP (x2), STORY (x3), and one each for ADIMPST. 

With ADIMPST, the letters are in order within the alphabet. 

Here they are... 

STEEP --- Two ways to explain STEEP.

STEEP Legacy Project
Legacy Project STEEP

STORY --- Three ways to explain STORY. 

STORY Line 1
STORY Line 2
STORY Line 3

ADIMPST --- See image for each letter.

Actualize Legacy Project
Move Legacy Project Forward
5 Is Action Legacy Project
Manage Legacy Project Forward
5 Ps Organize Legacy Contribution
Legacy Project Move Forward
5 Ts Organize Legacy Contribution

Days to follow, I'll share ways to use these 5 letter acronyms and images

  • to write your legacy story
  • to leave your legacy
  • to live from your legacy contribution
  • evolve your legacy in your words, on your terms
  • monetize your legacy - lived experience

The five presentation formats follow: 

  1. a linear guide
  2. a 5 x 5 table 
  3. a 5 x 5 x 5 cube
  4. a 4 sided multi table
  5. mix and match as required 

May be we'll find a sixth, seventh, __?__ presentation formats.

It's all about #Perspective! --- Or?


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