Educators who involve themselves with the WELLth Movement are called WELLthers.

WELLthers are mentors, facilitators, coaches, and instructors who appreciate life and business, seek to contribute to the community, and desire to share their creative expression with conscious life travelers like you.

Whether it’s a one-time event and/or over multiple projects, we WELLcome opportunities to chat with WELLthers and weave our work together. 

Possibility Exists in Every Handshake,
Especially When the Handshake Forges Collaboration

More about WELLthers 

WELLthers bring their expertise and humour to the situation. And through their shared power of collaboration WE eco-create the well-living world, create well-living workplaces, and inform all involved to live extraordinary lives.

Some WELLthers have served as intrapreneurs – working inside an organization with an entrepreneurial mindset and approach to grow and sustain business systems that make sense to the users.

Some are/were corporate senior manager-leaders who have chosen to become entrepreneurs. They see their involvement as a way to challenge their personal growth, work passionately on their vocation, and share their expertise with more people.

While others have been entrepreneurs their entire adult life. They love the thrill of a new program and project to help solve client problems, fulfill cravings, answer questions, and see others succeed.


All WELLthers become conversant in the 9 educating approaches useful to guide and teach others to further their purpose, power, and process. Each WELLther leans into a set of approaches that matches their expertise and the work at hand.

They share their lived experiences in ways that transfer the specific knowledge and skills without the client’s reliance on the WELLther having to return over and over again.

WELLthers call upon one another when questions arise or specific knowledge/skill is required for the client to move forward. In the true sense of a transition ensemble they help each other do their best work and celebrate their colleagues in doing so.

More so they adhere to the 5Cs that underpin the delivery of products, services, and experiences:

  • clarify from consistency
  • collaborate from community
  • communicate from commitment
  • contribute from confidence
  • co-create from capacity

For each product, service and/or experience available from the WELLth Movement – in collaboration with the WELLthers – we strive to do our best for each customer-client-participant-learner. 

WELLther Summaries

Dr. Ulwyn Pierre
WELLth Page

dr ulwyn pierre

Chris Thomson (R.I.P.)
Website: Closed
WELLth Page

Chris Thomson

Live Your Extraordinary Life
Evolve Your Legacy
Nature-based facilitation

Serve as a Mentor
Mentoring for the Workplace
HR perspective - Mental Health

Evolve Your Legacy
Eco-Create the Wellthy World
Being Fully Human//Being Natural

Wellther Dialogues ...

Along the way we meet people whose message is worth hearing.
So we sit down for a conversation. We record them and post their conversations here for your viewing pleasure.

Business Associates

Stephen Hobbs, CEO and Founder of WELLth Movement is a founding member of the Evolutionary Business Council (EBC).

The EBC is a worldwide membership bringing leaders of vision together to expand global change. The EBC and its mentorship and training members, the Evolutionary Business Institute (EBI), use their influence to create powerful opportunities for people and businesses committed to transformational leadership.

It’s a community of influential speakers, trainers, radio hosts, and others who reach a broad audience who teach the principles of success inside of their work.

The EBC members believe in a philosophy of being deeply committed to helping each other and causing action to create positive change in the world. EBC members commit to supporting each other in creating more influence and reach.

Some WELLthers/Wellthers are involved with EBC.

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