Wellthers Dialogue

Along the way we meet aWELLsome people - whose message is worth hearing. So we sit down for a conversation. We record them and post them here your your viewing pleasure.

Possibility Exists in Every Handshake, Especially
When the Handshake Encourages More Understanding

tree stories 2 Indra Singh

Indra Singh - UK
Website: https://silent-moon.co.uk/ 

Spontaneity, Earth Elementals 

wellther daniel aaron

Daniel Aaron - USA
Website: https://danielaaron.com/ 

A Vibrant Life

Dorothy Martin-Nevile

Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville - USA
Website: https://www.askdrdorothy.com/

Transformational Leadership

wellther jana danielson

Jana Danielson - Canada
Website: https://mettadistrict.com/

Fitness... Business

wellther gaia morrissette

Gaia Morrissette 
Website: https://www.succulentliving.com/

Life... Business... Sexuality

Gabrielle Brick

Gabrielle Brick - USA
Follow her on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube 

Nutrition... Executive Coach

Michele Risa

Michele Risa - USA
Short course with videos and handouts on WELLthMovement.com: 

Coach... Mediation... Collaborative Solutions 

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