March 7, 2017

Wellth Wealth Movement Story

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This wellth wealth movement story frames the intersection between "well-being & well-living" & "financial assets," while living from your legacy today. 

Since I introduced the name “wellth” to my community in 1990, people have been puzzled. 


wellth wealth movement story“Do you mean wealth?” 
I would reply, “In a way!”
Because the word “wealth” originates from the concepts and experiences of ‘hale and hearty or well-being.’
You were wealthy when you expressed your well-being because you had the resources to do so.

wellth wealth movement story I kept wellth aligned with well-being and well-living 
and included wealth re: assets and accounts as required 
and/or to share the connection between the terms for clarification 
and/or to make a point of their complementarity for living your great life. 

Then I (with two business partners) added “learning network” to wellth
and formed WELLth Learning Network …
The addition of the words was to reference “meaningful pattern recognition”
Meaningful = wellth
Pattern = learning
Recognition = network

In 1998, I acquired the company from my two business partners. 

wellth wealth movement storywellth wealth movement storyAnd continued to use WELLth Learning Network
Often referred to as WELLth Learning like Twitter @WELLthLearning and YouTube as WELLthLearningTV
Sometimes as WELLth 
And I used the moniker DrWELLth … still evident on Skype 

In 2015 I made the shift to WELLth Movement
to benefit from the meaning of “movement” on personal, business, community,  social, and world levels 
While maintaining the Twitter, YouTube and Skype accounts …

Also, over the years I had been involved with movements: 
From those originating in my community as subsets of 
national and international movements … like:
The environmental movement … worldwide
The Life Be In It Movement in Australia (health and fitness) 
Participaction in Canada (health and fitness)

My masters thesis was about the environmental movement of Alberta
A geo-socio-political summary of the status of environmental issues addressed by types of organizations …
It collects dust ))smiles  

wellth wealth movement storyIncluding Wealth

I had woven wealth into the picture on many occasions (why above). 
It wasn’t until WELLth Movement was borne
that I began to weave the concepts and practices of wealth into the business 
including the upcoming formulation of the Wellthy Wealthy U program 
for launch in late 2017 or early 2018

Moving Forward – Wellth Wealth Movement Story

WELLth Movement will continue as the incorporation – legal entity 
And the terms wellth and wealth will appear in various iterations like:
wellth (wealth) movement 
wellth & wealth movement 
wellth creation and wealth creation 
And the list goes on … 

However, new structures and program offerings 
will begin to unfold including Centres for ___ 

And another fascinating entity is brewing in the background
It is the result of a magical forest I created for children’s books
And it’s essence will be framed by the children who interact with it.

So much is about to unfold 
And the term “extraordinary experiences”
Will be aligned with – woven into – the fabric of the WELLth Movement 

“Onward …” I say, “Onward!”

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Yours for the wellth of it, 

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Stephen Hobbs, EdD is from Calgary, AB and founder of the Steve serves as an international consultant, author and amazing decision facilitator. He guides executives and established entrepreneurs to evolve delivery of extraordinary employee and/or customer experiences in their words. He has published books on topics like: live your great life, create well-living workplaces, co-create the well-living world, encourage heartfelt people connections, and navigate workplace culture as an extraordinary experience. He’s also a phenomenal thought-note speaker and philanthropist for children and trees. 



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