June 22, 2021

Wellth Updates June 22, 2021, Legacy Project

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Blog Focus - Legacy Project:  
I help - guide - 55+ years young persons  to share their legacy story/project using eco-creation concepts and practices - that is, they are becoming "legacy eco-creators"... and, where the connection fits they are involving their grandchildren in eco-creation (nature-based, nature-infused, tree-enthused) activities.  


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June 16, 2021 

The 5 ways to support your Legacy Project are identified in the following image! 
Blog: https://wellthmovement.com/5-ways-to-support-a-legacy-project/ 

5 Ways Support

June 17, 2021

5 Ps to Organize Your #Legacy Contribution:

Platform - Program - Project - Process - Product

And how they nest inside each other!
Blog: https://wellthmovement.com/5-ps-organize-your-legacy-contribution/ 

5 Ps Organize Legacy Contribution

June 18, 2021

5 Ts to Organize Your #Legacy Contribution:
Blog: https://wellthmovement.com/5-ts-to-organize-your-legacy-contribution/ 

Transition - Technology - Techniques - Tools - Tips

5 Ts Organize Legacy Contribution

June 19. 2021

"Children and teens from around the world share art and creative writing that expresses their love of nature along with their thoughts, dreams, questions and concerns about the future." Children and Nature 

Gallery: https://www.childrenandnature.org/inside-out/gallery/?mc_cid=c5ec9b62e3&mc_eid=a5acfb9f2e

3 Story Lines for Your Legacy Contribution:

Strategy - Shift - Significare

Blog: https://wellthmovement.com/3-story-lines-for-your-legacy-contribution/ 

STORY Line 1
STORY Line 2
STORY Line 3

June 20. 2021

Sarah Mapps Douglass's Flowers: The First Surviving Art Signed by an African-American Woman https://www.brainpickings.org/2021/06/16/sarah-mapps-douglass-flowers/ via Brain PIckings 

Brain Pickings Article

June 21. 2021

Perspective Story
"Let’s harness humanity’s collective power for the greatest common good: respecting, protecting, and restoring nature so it can sustain all life."

David Suzuki Foundation 
Access: http://www.everythingzoomer.com/featured/sponsored-content/2021/06/14/last-year-a-special-message-from-david-suzuki/ 


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