June 15, 2021

Wellth Program and Project Updates June 15, 2021 – Legacy – Ecocreation

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This Weekly Summary posting covers two weeks. 
After considerable reflection, I'm shifting the "storyline" of my gifts for the world and with the planet. 

Settling into:  

I help - guide - 55+ years young persons with sharing their legacy story/project using eco-creation concepts and practices - that is, they are becoming "legacy eco-creators"... and, where the connection fits they are involving their grandchildren in eco-creation (nature-based, nature-infused) activities.  


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June 1, 2021 

June 2, 2021

Spruce... https://wellthmovement.com/canadian-trees-spruce

Hand drawing... note the reference to rolling a needle between your fingers

Spruce Hand-Drawing

June 3, 2021

WELLther Doug Lawrence from TalentC.ca - also, with the InternationalMentoringCommunity.com...

Shares insights into the question --- "What is the Connection Between #Mentoring and Mental Health?"

Spruce Forest Under Canopy

The old spruce forest in falls morning

Can after-school programs foster positive youth development?
A new study has answers involving mentoring - outdoor activities - park-based programs!


June 4, 2021

Listening to insights from (T) @JimRohn_ - motivational speaker

Thought, this pic made sense - share them here as a story! Whether top to bottom or bottom to top and randomly as you decide ))smiles

5 Insights Jim Rohn

June 5. 2021

A National Geographic story of "the world's tallest tropical tree has been discovered—and climbed—in Malaysian Borneo"

June 2021 - the tree of the month is Birch
(see video to the right - not me, one found on YT)
Throughout the month adding more here:

June 6. 2021

A National Geographic Education // National Geographic article for parents and grandparents

"Is your kid always 'in the zone'? That's likely a mental health boost." 
Check out the challenges they are suggesting!

Birch forest in the fall, grungy style.

June 7. 2021

'We have to shift our attitude of ownership of nature to relationship with nature. The moment you change from ownership to relationship, you create a sense of the sacred.'

~ Satish Kumar

June 8. 2021

Tree Research - HeartMath Institute

*  *  *

Far & away the biggest threat to the ocean is ignorance. It’s a lack of understanding that what we put in, what we take out matters—not just to the ocean, but matters to us. The ocean cannot be regarded as the planet’s dumpster or the place to get free food.

Sylvia Earle

Tree Front Yard

June 11. 2021

Roman scholar and philosopher Cicero wrote, “Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature.”

June 14. 2021

'When we spend time outside in beautiful places, a part of our brain called the subgenual prefrontal cortex, quiets down, and this is the part of the brain that is associated with negative self-reported rumination.'

~ Florence Williams


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