May 11, 2021

Wellth Program and Project Updates for Grandparents May 11, 2021

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Topics Covered:  

1)) Two Questions to Set-Up Your Extraordinary Legacy Project [[article]]  

2)) 10 Elements of the WOW Flywheel --- Whole System/Whole Person Organization of Work -- useful and  helpful in Co-Creating the Well-Living Community for Grandparents   

3)) WELLther Series interview with Dr. Ganz Ferrance --- success, happiness, health, and selflove #1 of 3   

4)) WELLther Series interview with Garth Roberts --- about writing your legacy story - tips and tools #1 of 3   


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May 5, 2021

Published "Two Questions to Set-Up Your Extraordinary Legacy Project"
A Grandparent Perspective


2 Questions Who What Legacy
2 Questions Who What Legacy
2 Questions Who What Legacy
2 Questions Who What Legacy

May 6, 2021 

Grandparents - Action Now? = Yes!

Simply shared for Thursday Thoughts, an action outcome commitment

May 7, 2021

Being Planetary Legacy Story

Grandparents In belonging - in being -- in being fully human --- in being natural ---- in being planetary... consider the message in the pic

May 8, 2021

What are the 10 Elements of the WOW Flywheel?

For the Whole system - Whole person Organization of Work

Useful and helpful for Co-Creating the Well-Living Community for Grandparents 

Who is Dr. Ganz Ferrance - Psychologist? (Alberta, Canada) -- WELLther Series #1 of 3

success health happiness self love

Video #2 and #3 in next week's blog post!

From Dr. Ganz:

1. My 12 Stress Busting Tips: 

(feel free to share this link with your friends and family)

The best defense is a good offense. These 12 simple strategies will help you avoid much of the stress that comes your way. They will also help you feel more balanced and manage any other challenges that may occasionally come up. 

They can be accessed here:

There's also the opportunity for you to ask questions anonymously. Every week I'll choose a question and email you a video response. This is a great way to keep the conversation and concepts alive in your mind and working in your life.

2. The ME Factor eBook:

This is the full system that I've used for the past 25 years in my own life and as the bedrock for my practice.

**NOTE: even though this book is written & marketed to men, the concepts apply to everyone so please don't get caught up on the language. I've found that women are great "translators".

3. Website:

This is where you can find out more about me. There are also lots of resources to help you "Feel Better So You Can Do Better".

Meet the Senior Cheer Squad From Japan — Aged 60-89 — Who Prove You Can “Try Anything” at Any Age 

What about a Grandparent Community/Groups and Nature with the grandkids? 

May 9, 2021

Stick Gate... that is, nature gate on earth 

Also, if you know the source of this pic - please let me know so I can give attribution ))smiles 

A pic for walking into a new week!

Stick Gate Forest

May 10, 2021

Chatting about "Writing Your Legacy Story with @garthroberts" - #1 of 3 in WELLther Series videos

For #grandparents wanting to express their #legacy story... tap into Garth's fabulious insights in this video, the other 2 coming soon!

Video #2 and #3 in next week's blog post!


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