January 4, 2022

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WELLth NEWSS for January 4, 2022 
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Update from the Whole

Entering 2022 with a new front to the company digital media platform. 

This publication is known as WELLth NEWS - the Newsletter for WELLth Movement.
where WELLth is about well-being for self and well-living with others to the nth degree!
where NEWSS refers to the four cardinal points of the compass used to navigate the planet from which the world NEWS originates. . .and the news we are reporting makes it safer (2nd S) for you to:

  • live your extraordinary life of well-being, 
  • co-create the well-living workplace,
  • eco-create the wellthy planet, and
  • evolve the legacy you intend to leave.

The Story of 'it' --- 'It' --- 'IT'

There are often indefinable ‘things’ present in conversations or associated with situations in all arenas and areas of living life. 

Some people call them the “undiscussables.” Metaphors might include “the elephant on the table” or “the moose on the stool.”

  • In the workplace, if we could figure out what's missing for the group or team to gel, all would be okay.
  • From a wellness perspective, if I could figure out how to lose weight and keep it off, all would be better. 

Having faced those same ‘things’ that I'll call ‘it’, I developed a set of considerations for identifying ‘it’.  If for no other reason than to explore and discover what is happening to make the invisible visible. Using these 7 considerations will help you become more aware of what is happening around you. Rather than letting ‘it’ happen to you, you seek ways to integrate ‘it’ into your life.

7 Considerations of ‘it’

There are 7 considerations surrounding the story of ‘it’ that and they have wide application.
The 7 considerations are:

  1. Be aware of ‘it’
  2. Name ‘it’
  3. Know how ‘it’ works
  4. Know how ‘it’ looks
  5. Know who ‘it’ affects
  6. Know why ‘it’ fits
  7. Do ‘it’ well

While I am not suggesting these 7 considerations are ordered in any particular way, from experience they seem to work best in the arrangement outlined above. Here is more about each consideration. 

Be aware of ‘it’

To be aware of ‘it’ means to re:search (re = about the search) ‘it’. 

Through your re:search you will encounter things that are not working about ‘it’ or working well about ‘it’. Your attention to solving problems or celebrating what is working about ‘it’ is best served by proving the truth of ‘it’, improving the worth of ‘it’, and/or developing the utility of ‘it’. 

Name ‘it’

Once you are aware of ‘it’, it is important to name ‘it’. 

In the naming process the words you use matter. Every combination of words which describe, explain and prescribe ‘it’ can vault you to higher levels of organization and/or throw you into the pit of malaise where people toil at what they do. Remember, words matter, so decide wisely what terms you will use to name ‘it’. Think how far the words will travel as you use them. Ask yourself if ‘it’ is for you or those with whom you interact...influence?

Know how ‘it’ works

Now that you have named ‘it’, seek to understand how ‘it’ works. 

Like humans, ‘it’ has a life. ‘it’ came into being, ‘it’ will last for how long, and ‘it’ will disappear. As you become aware of and name ‘it’, ‘it’ contributes in some way. 

Know how ‘it’ looks

Once you know how ‘it’ works, it is important to know how ‘it’ looks. 

Persons see ‘it’ in different ways. Even slight color variations and/or form shifts can masquerade ‘it.’ Vigilance to its various looks can aid in helping others see how ‘it’ looks to them and you.

Know who ‘it’ affects

After you name ‘it’, know how ‘it’ works, and how ‘it’ looks, be clear on who ‘it’ affects.  

Every ‘it’ contributes. Therefore, ‘it’ affects whomever and/or whatever ‘it’ comes into contact with in at any given time and space. According to systemic thinking and quantum physics, the effect ‘it’ has on people can be felt around the world. It is wise then, to notice widely what ‘it’ is doing for you, others, the world, and the planet. ‘it’ has a ripple effect.

Know why ‘it’ fits

As you bring ‘it’ into your life, it is advisable to know why ‘it’ is present. 

Every ‘it’ fits into living your extraordinary, co-creating the well-living workplace and/or eco-creating the wellthy planet. As mentioned before, every ‘it’ contributes. And knowing why ‘it’ contributes honors its form and function in your life. As well, you will be able to see answers to how ‘it’ works and looks, and who ‘it’ affects. If your why understanding is big enough, then the how and who considerations become complementary and causal to all aspects of your life. Honor ‘it’ and ‘it’ will honor you.

Do ‘it’ well

Most of all, with every ‘it’ you encounter, use ‘it’ well. 

‘it’ is present in your life for a reason. It is imperative you become aware of ‘it.’


By extension, 'it' can be written as 'It' or 'IT'.

Whereas 'it' is transactional,
'It' is transformational, and
"IT' is transcendent. 

In the article above, replace 'it' with 'It' and 'IT'.
What happens to your understanding-comprehending-valuing of the 'it', 'It' and/or 'IT'?

Example of 'it' - improve the meeting process for all
Example of 'It' - focus on the contributions all make during the meeting
Example of 'IT' - strengthen your contribution

Example of 'it' - improve your promise keeping
Example of 'It' - focus on the delivery of your commitments
Example of 'IT' - strengthen the courage necessary to meet your commitments

Do you have one to add? Or a suggestion to alter something above? 

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