January 18, 2022

WELLth Newsletter Legacy Project Elder Mentor January 18, 2022

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WELLth NEWSS for January 18, 2022 
Bi-Monthly Newsletter for WELLth Movement 


  1. Quick Update from the Whole
  2. Article: Leadership Tips via a Case Example, Useful Everywhere
  3. Available Soon: Noteworthy Legacy Products - Legacy Workbook, Legacy Notebook, Legacy Journal via Amazon
  4. 5 images. . .a reminder of 5 words starting with A; and, 12 legacy insights with expanded text to extend your thinking
  5. 2 Videos from IMC about mentoring, and 1 Article on Mentoring and Certification 
  6. 2 live videos for the Loverage Legacy Show on YouTube - WellthLearningTV
  7. Article: Live Your Extraordinary Next Fifty: Think About These 7 A+ Legacy Considerations Today
Legacy Wellspring

Update from the Whole

Here is the second issue of WELLth NEWSS for 2022
where WELLth is about well-being for self and well-living with others to the nth degree!
where NEWSS refers to the four cardinal points of the compass used to navigate the planet from which the world NEWS originates. . .and the news we are reporting makes it safer (2nd S) for you to:

  • live your extraordinary life of well-being, 
  • co-create the well-living workplace,
  • eco-create the wellthy planet, and
  • evolve the legacy you intend to leave.

Leadership Tips via a Case Example, Useful Everywhere

Case Example (fictional, based on true events)

It seemed like a straightforward request. Jim Bonney from the legal department had asked for some leadership tips that he could pass along to his managers. 

After his organization’s recent reorganization, Jim noticed how his business unit managers seemed somewhat disheartened. After chatting with them, he thought that sharing some leadership tips might help move his managers from working in a coordinating, motivating way to a more influential, inspiring way.

He remembered chatting with me about leadership after my presentation at a recent work-related learning and development conference. He asked me for some key thoughts about leadership, from which he could draw some insights to share with his managers. 

I suggested something better for him. We could chat again over the phone and I would provide my thoughts. He would take notes and send those notes to me. By doing this, he was encouraged to listen, to summarize my thoughts in his words, and in doing so he would retain more of what he heard. 

What follows are Jim’s rough notes based on his add, alter, and delete of our conversation. 

1. Concentration

  • Hold steady. 
  • My/your world is a reflection of my/your mind. 
  • If you remain calm, even under difficult circumstances, anxiety will disappear because problems will dissolve into the void from whence they came. 
  • Through education, as you increase work-related competence, you influence the challenges that abound. 
  • Use whatever you learn about leading to be the best for the world. 

2. Paradox

  • Working in paradox is your everyday life as it is for the person designing, the person cutting cloth on the factory floor and the receptionist answering the phone in the office. 
  • Paradoxes to consider: 
    •  Each day is the first day of the rest of your life. 
    • You are both the process and the product. 
    • Failure brings you closer to your goal. 
    • You are the follower and the leader. 
    • You are the master and the servant. 
    • Where adversity lies, therein is the seed of highest achievement. 
    • When you think things are at their worst, things are at their best. 
    • When you think it’s at its end, then that’s its beginning. 

3. Faith

  • Your mind is like a lamp--the lamp of light. 
  • Affirmations fuel the light of the lamp. 
  • Leading with presence means living in the present of the present. 
  • Do nothing for yourself. Do everything for others. (We discussed this statement at out next meeting when I brought up the connections among careful, careless, and caring.)
  • Believe it and you’ll see it. 
  • From the invisible, the visible is possible. 
  • From the field of possibilities, systems of potential are created. 
  • When you find your true self, suffering is no longer necessary. 

4. Audacity

  • Dare to achieve the things you really love and don’t let fear bury your talents. 
  • Become clear about your soul and the guides that help you everyday. 
  • Help the creature become the creator. Help people find the creator who resides within each one of them. 
  • Ultimate service is to educate others, to discover the truth of the universe, which is what will set them free. 

5. Contribution

  • Your life purpose is simply doing. It is about your contribution to being the best for the world and helping others attain their greatness, to regain their nobility. 
  • Live life with abundance, showing how everything occurs in its right time and place. 
  • Live your contribution with courage. For times of temptation will occur and when they do, reengage your commitment to your contribution. 
  • Accomplish each day without thought of reward and be ready to depart at any moment. 

6. Intuition

  • Ask for inner wisdom from your guides. 
  • Ask for advice and then wait for an answer. 
  • Be quiet, be by yourself and listen to the voices from within and around you. 

7. Detachment

  • Live each day with great patience to transform yourself and to transform your nature from belonging to being to becoming. 
  • Attachments are fleeting, yet soul breathing through you is encouraging. 

8. Intention

  • Intentionality-like radio waves-cannot be seen, yet it exists. 
  • Set the goal, detail the goal, and include when, where, and how it fits with your leading. 
  • Make use of your full potential. 
  • When you free one person, you free humanity. 

9. Review

  • Consider what others who lead have done that has been successful and/or significant. 
  • Seek to understand the procedures and principles others use. 
  • Develop your observatory mind. Based on your intention, you can see more. 
  • Develop insights from what you experience so you continuously learn and so as not to repeat those things that do not contribute. 

+1. Final Thought

Listen to your heart
From your ears
From the soles of your feet
From the universal song ever-present


After reading Jim’s summation, I felt his writings were complete for him
That is, to add, alter, and delete his words would lessen the impact of what he heard. 

Are there edits you would make to Roy's summary?
Use the Comments section below to share your suggestions!

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