December 21, 2022

Wellth Movement Winter Solstice Update 12212022

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Wellth Movement 12212022 

Brief Introduction to Awarests.World
and the Forenoon Walking Meditation

Fresh start to the WELLth Movement Blog. 

WELLTh Movement is the name of the company, name of the platform.
Wellth Movement is the name of the program with associated projects, processes, and products. 

We'll share info on Lake - River - Ocean Mentorhearts (think masterminds from the heart using mentoring).


Here, we connect wellth (well-being and well-living) with movement (profitability and sustainability).
Also, this website is a cross between an "autobiography of lived experience" that is synthesized as a "library of books and courses" under the delivery banner of "wholversity."

Subsequent blog posts will update what's available and what's planned. 


This website supports: - explore the Stay Found program, projects, processes, and products. - explore the Mentoring Certification program, projects, processes, and products. 


AND, here you'll learn about Awarests.World - a quarterly publication in various forms like pdf - flip-magazine - books - handouts. The website will be available no later than February 15, 2023 ready for the March 21st, 2023 publication. Notifications made in the blog stream.

During December 2021 through September 2022, Growing Optimism was the name of the publication.


Today, during my Winter Solstice ceremony, I wrote out my current Forenoon Walking Meditation. As the weeks and months follow, edits will be made to this mediation. 

Note: Often, I'll add my original written notes and drawings before formalizing them for use. Which means, I'll edit them as I move forward. And, I'll interpret them as well. Used the comments section below or the Contact Form if you have questions, comments, and/or a funny. 

Forenoon Walking Meditation 2
Forenoon Walking Meditation 3
Forenoon Walking Meditation 4
Forenoon Walking Meditation 5


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