April 25, 2017

WELLth Movement Wellthers

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Summary: WELLth Movement Wellthers bring their insights, tools, and techniques to WELLth Movement workshops, online courses, retreats, gatherings, etc. 

WELLth Movement WELLthers …
Are people like you - seeking ways to guide entrepreneurs to make a movement. 

They bring their insights, tools, and techniques to the workshops, online courses, blog posts, etc. delivered via WELLth Movement platforms and/or offered through their own websites and platforms. 

All WELLth Movement Wellthers​

All WELLthers – no matter their age – learn from each other about what it means to live their legacy life, create well-living workplaces, and eco-create well-living world.

WELLthers are focused on sharing the NEWS (rather than Noise) from the four corners of the world. They add value to their communities and the world from which they listen and speak into each day.

They are involved with their family and friends and workplaces.

They’re moving into a phases of life where they tearing down the walls of drudgery to plant seeds and grow a life of freedom, fulfillment and fun.

They are involved with community events as ways to encourage connections and make things happen.

WELLthers are clear how critical it is to weave the practices and concepts of a wellthy-wealthy lifestyle into their lives as they mentor each other. They realize such education takes place sooner than later. 

They encourage one another to shape a sustainable and thriving society that does not damage the ecosystems upon which society depends.

As grandparents, WELLthers are involved with their grandchildren no matter their age. They're committed to caring for their grandchildren while in support of the parents.

As grandsons and granddaughters​, Wellthers are involved with their grandparents. They're committed to caring for their grandparents while in support of the parents.

As parents, Wellthers are involved with their children and parents. They're committed to nurturing and nourishing caring familial relationships however they are defined by those involved in the family.

Collaborative story

YOU ... As a WELLther!

You fully express your wellthy–wealthy contributions each day.

You wake to learn and educate through shared experiences about life, leadership and literacy legacy.

You make decisions to do something magnificent and significant by way of eco-conscious experiences with your family, community and the world.

You take action consistent with your hierarchy of values, which are in alignment with your shared experiences, decisions and eco-consciousness.

You celebrate your singular-ness, your gifts to those ready, willing and able to receive and move forward with you and/or on their own.

More so …

Note – there are no periods at the end of the following statements – because it suggests each statement does not have completion – each statement serves as an article, video, book to unfold as time goes by

You Stay Active

You co-create the well-living world ... and to do so: 
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You act through Your Legacy Word for the World and the purpose, power and process it enthuses for being YOU for the world

You decide into the future each day because you know decisions are at the heart of taking action that serves others

You explore and discover ways to serve the world from your hierarchy of values as you interact with the hierarchy of values of others

You get involved in recreation activities to nurture your creative process

You create a social group you can tap into for respite and co-creation

You Take Action

You organize great work as an employee or entrepreneur ...
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You navigate the involvement of others through sharing a pathway others find helpful and useful in living from their legacy ...
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As an employee, you create iconic employee and customer experiences (iconic means, you create profound and sustainable experiences that represent what is best about those interactions for both everyone involved and touched because of the experiences)

These iconic experiences encourage employees to create the well-living workplace – a place of work where everyone lives and works well together. And from this well living workplace perspective employees help customers to help them co-create the iconic experiences both enjoy.

As an entrepreneur, you create memorable businesses that are of value to the community (memorable in the sense that the community would miss your work, your contributions when you are gone)

You understand the importance of offering more use value than a cash value you receive. You are committed to service for your communities from which you draw your resources, which in turn contributes to your family and friends, and the world.

As a grandparent, you nurture your grandchildren's (all children) involvement in eco-life outdoor experiences

For years you've been seeking ways to action your eco-consciousness. With the assistance of your grandchildren you have a wonderful reason to action this pull of your heart. To leave an eco-life legacy project is one way to make a difference in the eyes of those you love and the world as a whole.
customer employee executive experiences

You Remain Healthy

You are vigilant to your body, mind and spirit connections in whatever way expresses who you are in service for the world ...
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You balance the dynamics of 10 wellthsprings of literacy, which guide daily, weekly and monthly decisions

You clarify your hierarchy of values for self-awareness, making decisions and taking action

You create your personal wellthy-wealthy pathway that is in harmony with your body, mind and spirit awareness, decisions and actions

You undertake self care with sleep and diet

You Give Back

You share insights into the world based on your lived experiences through mentoring, facilitating, speaking and/or writing ...
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You give back to your community and world through time, effort and money

You use a philanthropic approach for donations to local, national, and international causes

You volunteer with an existing local, national, and/or international cause that aligns with your hierarchy of values

Wellthers' Approach to Living Their Legacy Life

In summary, WELLthers are asked to follow these guidelines as they partake and/or contribute their activities, events, and experiences offered through the WELLth Movement.

  • work in harmony with and for each other
  • express fully one's legacy for self and with others
  • educate others in the creation of their legacy and intentions
  • refrain from inappropriate behaviour by virtue of their educative position
  • consider their actions through the filter of truth, trust and transparency
  • sustain eco-conscious practices and standards
  • communicate from commitment
  • guide others to make a movement 

Revisions to this list and the intentions outlined in this post are made in January each year ... with a blog post by January 15th with updates. 

​Your comments about this post are appreciated ... use the Comments section below

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