April 10, 2017

Review Nine Movements Associated with the WELLth Movement

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While it was not a trip to the mountain for enlightenment ... it was the harsh reminder of a flu bug that got me thinking a different way about living, working, playing, and gifting.
When there is nothing else to do than sleep, thinking takes over.  

A Bit of Context

For the past couple of years ... I've flip and flopped, flipped and flopped ... looking for my work in the sun. To share my service with the world so I might express being for the world.

Lo and behold the answer was in my new company name - WELLth Movement.

When I conceived the name, after closing my first company of 20 years, I was seeking a name that fell into the wellth story I had been sharing for 40+ years. I chose movement without thinking what it implied. I merely heard an easier name to share. 

Then I started digging around in the word "movement." I realized that all of what I share with people is movement. I'm an educator of dimen(st)ionaliy (the "(st)" stand for time and space implying shift).

The topics I educate move in time and space as illustrated by the visual, multi-dimen(st)ional drawings I use.

And years ago I "accepted to live on moving ground." Think quantum physics and atoms; physics and plate tectonics; and metaphysics and galaxies. All of which intrigue me.

review nine movements Life well lived

Which brings me to the reason for this post.  

Because I enjoy multiple topics - all linked of course - I decided to write about what interests me (concepts and practices) and who I'm meeting along the way.

The topics fit under the name of my company WELLth Movement  ... through which I guide entrepreneurs to make a movement with their customers (and employees) while using the Extraordinary Experiences (EX2) Platform. 

Doodling as I do ... I saw nine movements in the overall movement I'm working from. Yes - I'm working from my mystery rather than my history!

And I'm purposeful with the language I use. Sometimes, it trips people up. I get that.  

I commit to explain and describe what I share in the words of my customers. However, I'm staying with the aura of my brilliance. That written - at any time you require an interpretation and/or translation - please ask!

Review Nine Movements of the WELLth Movement

(When and where the WELLth Movement is known as the +1 movement)

overview movements

The 9 movements are the topic headings for the blog and vlog posts to follow. Most are written by me and link to other areas on the website including free and paid products, services and experiences.

Other posts are attributed to guests (maybe like you?) or strategic alliances whose work I support in word and deed - like sharing a notice about their work and/or our shared work. I'll acknowledge affiliate links when present.

The 9 movements I'll write about are:

make a movement
extraordinary experiences movement
life movement
mentoring movement
legacy movement
wealth movement
tree trek movement
brilliance movement
wellth movement

Will write about the whole movement on occasion. It is the +1 movement.

Each movement will receive its attention during the months ahead. That is, at minimum, you'll read one post per movement.

For the the next six months - through October 2017 - emphasis is placed on topics related to EX2 (Extraordinary Experiences) Movement, Workplace Movement, and Make a Movement (or Making a Movement).

Until the next post, enjoy the Additional Resources listed below. 

Additional Resources 

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Yours for the wellth of it, 

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