May 2, 2022

WELLth Movement Environmental Legacy Project May 2, 2022

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Access WELLth Movement Environmental Legacy Project posts via images, videos, inspirational thoughts, quotes, and other insights, ideas, investigations, interpretations, and information we think are helpful, useful, and eventful --- summary for April 2022 while forecasting for May and June 2022.

May and June 2022

May 2022

Taken up the Motivated by Nature Challenge.
Each day - with my walk with nature - I attend to what's present. I'll summarize what happened in the next WELLth NEWSS update!

Cleaning up the website copy - to emphasize:

  • Co-Create the Well-Living Workplace
  • Managing and Leading
  • Organization Value of Safety
  • Workplace Educating & Workforce Learning
  • Environmental Legacy

June 2022

Rewriting AND Publishing 5 eBooks linked to the rewrite unfolding in May 2022

  1. Help Them Help You
  2. Well-Living Workplace: Foundation
  3. Well-Living Workplace: Organization Culture
  4. Well-Living Workplace: Mentoring and Facilitating

    New Book:
  5. Well-Living Workplace: Organization Value of Safety 

April 2022

WellthLearningTV - YT Channel for the WELLth Movement
LIVE Broadcast: Saturday at 10 am MDT

Outdoor Educating

International Mentoring Community (IMC) - YT Channel for IMC
LIVE Broadcast: Wednesday at 10 am MST

Outdoors Hospitality Spaces
Celebrate Being WITH the Planet
Wonderous Path Wanderous Walking
Animal Animus Outdoor Education

"Growing Optimism" is a FREE pdf//flip magazine via the Dinner Optimist Club of Calgary 

You can make a payment in support of trees/kids programs in Calgary, AB & Kampala, Uganda

Access: Cut n Paste or click Image 

CTA - grab a copy, and share with family & friends - TU ))smiles 

Table of Content in the image ->

Growing Optimism March 2022
Table of Contents Growing Optimism

Update for 2022: We are leaning into the action verbs: recalibrate-reimage-reframe-remember-rescript.

Also, our effort will be placed into videos and supporting images. And, the writing of different kinds of books rather than articles and blog posts. 

Outdoor, Outdoor Education, Outdoor Educating, Outdoor Practitioners, Outdoor Activities, Outdoor Recreation, Outdoor Pursuits
Experiences, Extraordinary Experiences (EX2), Importance and Essence of Extraordinary Experiences, Organize and Deliver EX2
Educating approaches, Teach in the Reach, Guide on the Ride, Sage off the Page - Help Them Help You Deliver EX2
Legacy, Environmental Legacy, Env-Eco-Ethical Decision Making, Being FOR the world, WITH the Planet, FROM the Whole
Safety, Manage safe systems for persons, Lead persons from safer practices, Organization Value of Safety 
Business of Outdoor Education, Co-creation of Content Assets for use with Projects and Programs
Answer your questions - Respond to your queries - Alleviate your concerns - Learn from You - And more, as you request!

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Published Articles and Word Images:

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Legacy... is about the useful whats that you gift others so they can learn something from your lived experience. 

The first and third Tuesday each week you can read - watch - share the images, GIFs, videos, and product - process - project - program updates shared over the past two weeks and/or what is forthcoming with possible discounts for early action.

All in one place!

Legacy Dashboard: Value, Challenge, Project, Story, Contribution
Legacy Branches: Life, Leadership, Legal, Literacy, Loverage  


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