Wellth Legacy

WELLth Movement supports 5 Legacy Projects

Possibility Exists in Every WELLth Project - Program,
When You Excite Your Involvement with Trees as Educators 

Trees Everyday - Tree Trekking - Tree Stories
Grandparents & Grandkids - Trees and Nature

available through the WELLth Movement
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Growing Optimism - eBook series used for fundraising 
Tree-related program with Optimist International
(Editor - Stephen Hobbs) with *Dinner Optimist Club of Calgary
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The Tree of Life Movement - Intention Stick
Connecting the concepts & practices of intention, especially with youth, for tree related projects and programs
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Green Planet Initiative 2050 - Kenya
Agroforestry + Community Involvement + Education

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Etchings in Sand - Support the funding of eco-related (tree-related) projects and programs 
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Stay Found March 21 New Moon Update

Long post summary of Stay Found images, videos, posts, articles, and podcasts about nature, legacy, experience, education, safety, and wellth movement from others and the Stay Found Community March 7th through 23rd, 2023

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workplace dynamics

Evolve Your Legacy -
ReCreate Your Extraordinary Life

One of the #treemendous commitments you can make as a parent/grandparent is to instil a love of nature and participation in the outdoors with your children and grandchildren. The in-the-moment benefits for health and wellness are documented. More so, the lessons learned through nature involvement lasts a lifetime - a legacy story worth sharing in words and actions.

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Legacy Book Cover 9+1

More books are on the way ...

Attend Wholversity

WELLth Movement's Centre for Learning and Educating

Where you learn why and how to design & develop, and deliver & evaluate "whole system and whole person" products, services, and experiences using make a movement, extraordinary experiences, and ecological architexture tools and techniques

We are developing courses!

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making a movement defintion

We're committed to support your wise allocation of time, effort, & money as you evolve your legacy.

We're here to guide you in recreate your extraordinary life and invite you to eco-create the wellthy world.

We guide you through the "5 Get to Give" stages of your life in the words of those involved, on your terms.

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Get Clear
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Jack Riley

He is much more of an artist as he weaves a tapestry of thought and action together into a seamless living piece of artwork ...

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Mentoring NOW

Mentor Within, Mentoring Without

Establish the baseline understating of Mentoring, Mentor, Mentorship for your everyday use as you share the legacy you intend to leave. 


Available as Paperback.
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Mentoring NOW - Discover & Shape Your Mentoring Approach. Mentor Within, Mentoring Without - 42 Actions You Bring to Experiencing Your Life as an Elder, Mentor.