Life Legacy: A Core Focal Point for Your Next Fifty

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It’s about your Life Legacy Grandparent Decisions … You’re entering or find yourself in your Next Fifty (Second Fifty, Second Act, Third Act). You’re not ready for the view from the porch. You have some things to do, places to be, emotions to feel, stories to share. You have items on your To Be List […]

Life Legacy Story and Argument

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A good story and a well-formed argument arise from different modes of thought. Here is a short connective post explaining the difference. Your Life Legacy has both. Two Modes of Thought by Jerome Bruner re: Story and Argument Full credit to Brain Pickings ( for this post … Based on Jerome Bruner’s (b. October 1, 1915) insights. He […]

Defining Legacy Four Branches Four Questions

Defining legacy

Defining Legacy, Its 4 Branches and 4 Important Questions About Living From Your Legacy In defining legacy here is a start: Legacy is the useful “whats” you gift others so they can learn something from your lived experience. Those “whats” express the “time, effort and money contributions” you’ve made by taking action, staying active, remaining […]

Life Legacy National Hugging Day

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Contributing to Your Life Legacy: It’s Happy National Hugging Day!  From a life legacy perspective hugs are aWELLsome! You either fall into one of two camps when it comes to the great physical expression that is hugging; you either can’t get enough or them, or you will do anything possible to avoid them. But the […]

Leadership Legacy Actions in Your Workplace

Leadership Legacy Well-Living Workplace

Leadership Legacy Actions In Your Workplace It’s When YOU support people taking risks individually and within groups … recognize all people within the organization whose work is important to your accountability … share your requirements and requests for career advancement through demonstration of your competence … communicate the “advance excellence” story over and over again … […]

Next Fifty Events November and December 2015

Next Fifty Workshops, Courses and Events Available From WELLth Educators  November and December 2015  Grab an offering and shift your life today! As the WELLth Movement grows, more and more WELLth Educators will bring their Next Fifty products, services and experiences to you. They are practitioners knowledgeable in their craft, willing to share and work from the mantra […]

Next Fifty November Reflections 4, 5 and 6

Next Fifty Life Legacy

Next Fifty Decisions and November Reflections I made a decision early on … I was going to enjoy my Next Fifty. I continue with the November 2015 Reflections. They add to your life as a Next Fifty Adventurer. Click to enlarge the picture. Expanding on #4, #5 and #6 Insights 4. Take wellthy steps for exploration and discovery … […]

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Living a great life involves filling yourself with poetry and the music of transcendental words and phrases. 47. Living a great life involves filling yourself with poetry and the music of transcendental words and phrases. Have you written a poem lately? Have you read words that are inspiring? Is there a piece of music that brings […]

Encourage You – Legacy Challenge through Haiku

Fallen Tree Winter Legacy Challenge

On Most Fridays I Share My Encourage YOU Post. I ask you to play along with me as I offer up a legacy challenge. Nothing strenuous! Maybe a one-time event! Then again, you might like it and continue doing it! Today’s Legacy Challenge is writing Haiku. I was reminded of this form of poetry after reading the […]

21 Life Legacy Lessons from the Alchemist

In celebration of Paulo Coelho’s book The Alchemist, I wrote these 21 life legacy insights for your consideration. Luck and coincidence are essential elements of a universal language that envelopes all human languages … allow yourself to experience it. There is a language of inspiration, gratefulness and enthusiasm, guided by love and purpose. Transition because of […]